These essays are often called cases in business. They describe how a company has overcome a particular problem, resolved a dispute, or expanded its entity. Cases are the most widely used type of business writing material, especially for promotion. This is because readers love reading true stories about businesses.

We’ll be focusing on essays that students write in college or high school. These essays are unique in that you can write in the first person. This is unusual for academic writing tasks.

Writing should be fun, says a writer from 123Writings. We all enjoy sharing our experiences with others. You might be a little skeptical when you see the assignment for the first time. It’s the easiest assignment you will ever complete.

When writing essays based on real-life experiences, it is important to follow certain guidelines and rules in order to get the best grades. We’ve compiled some of the best advice we received from write papers service professionals to help you finish this project on schedule and achieve an outstanding outcome.

How to write an essay about experiences from real life


First, we won’t alter your story. Instead, you can use whatever words you want to describe the events and add any sentiments you feel are appropriate. However, the story’s structure and organization could be slightly altered. To write an engaging essay about a real-world experience, it is important to:

  • Description of a situation. The power of context is a powerful weapon. Multiple events occurring in different times and places will create different associations, sensations, etc. For your viewers to feel involved in the event, it would be best to describe it as accurately as possible. While you are well aware that your professor is your only audience for essays for school, you can still think of a wider audience if you were writing an essay for an online publication.
  • It is preferable to write in the first person. This opportunity is rare in academic writing. Your reader will be guided by your personal, thoughtful memories. Remember that your experience is not limited to your reflections. Include others in your story.
  • Clarify the conflict. Avoid writing about experiences that aren’t conflict-free. If there isn’t conflict, a story isn’t a story. Most likely, valuable events involved some kind of misunderstanding, conflict, issue, lack information, struggle, fight, or other type of dispute. These aren’t stories about real life experiences. They are simply uninteresting facts that you don’t want to discuss.
  • Be sincere and real. It will be shallow and foolish to try to apply important lessons to a trivial story. Your emotions and perceptions should be in line with the “magnitude” of the event, or perhaps more accurately, its importance.

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How to write an essay about a real-life experience


You don’t have to follow a certain format or storyline to write a compelling essay about your life experiences. There are three options.

  1. Chronological. Your introduction paragraph should also explain the setting in which the story started. This is the only way to change your mind. Keep explaining the events chronologically and sharing your feelings about them.
  2. Dedicated to conflict resolution. Before you express your disagreement, you must describe the context. This is the basis of most business cases. Do not view a disagreement as a call for violence or shouting. Sometimes it is about obstacles in your way. You might encounter many obstacles when trying to enroll in a prestigious scholarship program. You either succeed or fail. Take the outcome into consideration.
  3. Reflective. Your thoughts, changes, and feelings matter in this case. You give them more space and concisely and convincingly describe the experience that led to them.

It can be difficult to choose the right structure because you cannot change your mind in the middle of writing. This would make the structure look strange and ruin it.

Think about the story you want to tell, and then evaluate it honestly. If the question is more action-oriented, such as “he said this, I thought this, I did that”, etc. and the order is important, choose the first one.

If you were faced with difficulties or had to resolve a dispute, the second option is for you. If your feelings and thoughts are more important than the experience, you can use the third one.

An essay is used for assessing your academic writing skills and your ability to think critically. These are some of the most important things to consider when writing essays. They are based on real experience and will help you create a great essay. Best of luck!