September is one of the most challenging and exciting months of the year for students and schoolchildren. It often happens that students after the summer do not have time to adapt to the fast pace with high workload and they turn to the BestCustomWriting service for getting help with homework to reduce the burden.

The smiling, wide-eyed first graders walk to the school line with their backpacks and bouquets of flowers for their first teachers as they begin their new lives, while the students return from vacation to continue, “Chewing the cobwebs of science. First-year students have chosen for themselves professions and expect from the future work boundless heights, which can only draw imagination.

For many applicants, choosing a profession was the main challenge of the past year. “What professions are in demand now?” and “Have I chosen the right profession?” – are the main questions of first-year students. Unfortunately, the answer – delusion to it has not changed. Still the majority decided to become economists, managers, lawyers and accountants. And some just use their wits and become a PayToWritePaper writer, for example, by moonlighting and helping other students edit essays and other papers. The number of “specialists” of these categories has long ago exceeded the bar of required. Of course, the economy is going up and getting stronger and more and more young Masters (Masters with a capital letter) are needed, but the main point is that the graduates of in-demand professions are less and less able to meet the needs of the growing country.

The very phrase “in-demand profession” carries a double meaning. Who or what should professions be in demand by? By the state? Then, dear sirs, you are going straight to the concrete-reinforcing workers or car drivers. According to statistical studies now, the country needs these professions the most.


In-demand professions in the state: car driver, painter, bricklayer, roofer and others.

This is not the most prestigious set, but it is in demand. There are also researches on various special editions on job search, both Internet and printed. There it is mostly leading – courier. Not only is it not the most prestigious and easy profession, but it is also the least paid. There is also demand for professions such as accounting, especially during the quarterly reports of firms, but employers are looking for professionals, not students who have just graduated from college.

In-demand professions on the Internet and in print include courier, accountant, account manager, secretary, programmer, etc.

The next question arises: What is the in-demand profession for? To make more money? What is the sense in studying for five years to become an economist, and in the end stay at the broken trough, as in the famous fairy tale of A.S. Pushkin? The number of economists produced by Russian universities in recent years would be enough to populate a small island somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean. Have they all found their dream jobs? A person who lives by his work becomes a master with a capital letter, and then the employer needs him. Only if he is a professional and constantly strives to improve himself, he can receive the rewards that good work promises. The majority of the lawyers are under-educated, but they get a job at their father’s firm or office near their home, living on stable bread and water.

The root cause of this process of degradation is not even that there are too many lawyers or economists, and not the unstable education system, but the mood of the student. It is not hard to understand a student who skips classes and bribes strict teachers, if he has been shoved into a not bad institute to get great knowledge, but he likes drawing comics better than cramming the code of the Russian Federation. As long as there is a clear parallel in the minds of our fellow citizens between prestige, demand, and a desirable profession, there will be fewer and fewer good professionals in the country.

Studying at institutes to get a crust of a lawyer – what is the point? An undesirable profession leads to a lack of desire to study, and consequently, a careless attitude to the disciplines studied in the institute, skipping classes and bribing the teachers during the session. What kind of workers come out of these professionals willy-nilly?

The main rule of the Master in addition to the permanent self-improvement is the rule – to be yourself, that is, and the platform of professional life to choose the one that is to your liking, rather than analytical and statistical calculations.

Every five years in the country those professions become in demand, for which before the demand was extremely low, so it is almost impossible to predict what the next five years promises. If a person does what he is attracted to, he is sure to succeed. After all, even plumbers have a career ladder.

What Is the First Thing Every Student Needs to Do?


First, you should attend all lectures, because at least half of the subjects you can easily say goodbye to even before the session, already having a machine in your pocket. If this is not possible, you should start to actively prepare while you are still studying.

Use every opportunity to study, learn, and repeat. Take notes with you and study on the way somewhere, waiting in line at the doctor or in a cafe. Never assume that you will not pass an exam or a test. Tell yourself constantly, like a mantra, what a capable, smart, hardworking and confident person you are.

Try to build a plan for passing: two days to study, the third day to repeat what you have learned. Make a schedule.

Make cards with questions on one side and answers on the other. Correlate the correct answers to the questions, so you can remember the correct answer “by association.

Remember that it is better to study in a quiet, bright, ventilated, clean room. Before classes, arrange a wet cleaning, air the room (even in winter, 5 minutes will be enough).

After 30 minutes of training, take a 5-minute break, look out the window into the distance to relieve fatigue from the eyes. Lie in a “star” pose, spreading arms and legs apart, so the whole body, and especially the spine, will have a rest.


Be active in sports. Go to the pool, to the gym, to boxing, yoga or dancing. The main thing is to attend classes regularly. Also, walk more often in the fresh air. The best option is to go to sports on foot.

Get enough sleep. Sleep at least 8 hours, preferably at bedtime from 10 p.m.

Your diet should be especially rich in vitamins during the session. Include in your diet walnuts, dried fruits, seeds; dairy products; fish; fresh fruits and vegetables; natural bitter chocolate.

Try taking “glycine”, this medicine improves your mood, facilitates the process of falling asleep and increases mental performance.

Superstitious people can use the following omens:

Do not cut your hair before a test or exam.

The day before the test or exam, you must not wash your hair.

On the day of the exam, you must ask a friend or girlfriend to “hold your fists up for you” while you take the exam

Do not come to the exam in new clothes or clothes you have not worn for a long time

Put a heel in your shoe under your left heel.

Even if you fail the exam, you can always retake it. Never give up and never doubt yourself!


Often, it is not the diploma that plays a role in the qualities of a professional, but the ability of the professional himself. It is not uncommon for valuable professionals to not even have a degree in the profession in which they are valued. Therefore, the main thing is to find your niche in this life and keep your nose in the wind.

In addition, finally, whatever profession you choose, the main thing is to become a professional in it, and it is a long life’s work.