Every season we have the pleasure of watching the best football teams in the US competing for the title. With every season, a lot of interesting things happen and millions of fans from all over the country have the opportunity to enjoy the best football league in the world. Of course, some teams are considered favorites, while others compete for lower places on the table.

The teams who are favorites to win the title certainly are more chances of winning the title. Therefore, nobody should be surprised by the fact that they always attract the highest number of quality players. With that in mind, fans from all over the globe have a chance to earn some money off gambling on these matches.

If you don’t know where to start looking when you search for online bookies, then be sure to click here. Now, we want to talk about a couple of teams who are considered to be favorites to win the season’s super bowl in 2024/23. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the most prominent ones.

Buffalo Bills

The biggest favorite for winning the super bowl according to bookies is Buffalo Bills. They have won a fair number of titles over the years, and they are definitely among the favorites for the winners of the championship this year. Of course, it’s not going to be easy since other teams are more than competent as well.

One of the best players on the team is John Allen. Even though there were some talks that he will change the team this year, he has stayed with the squad. He has been a part of the team for a couple of years now, and he is the best-known face there. The biggest problem for them would be the injury of Von Miller, who is another prominent face.

If you take a look at the stats from the previous season, you will see that Buffalo Bills were the second-best defense in the league, and they were the fourth-best offensive team. So, you can have an idea about what we can expect them to achieve this season since their team is stronger than last year.

Kansas City Chiefs


The next team we would like to take a look at is Kansas City Chiefs. It is one of the teams with the most impressive line-up. Not only that, but we can see that their team has a pretty long reserve list, which is also one of the most impressive ones. In addition to that, we can see that their practice squad is really good at the same time.

When it comes to the best-known names in the team, we would say two quarterbacks are the most prominent, Patrick Mahomes and Chad Henne. Both of them are experienced players, with more than a few seasons under their belts. Besides these two names, we can see that Jerick Mckinnon is also held in the highest regard.

For those who don’t know, Mahomes got the award for MVP in week 17. He had a really impressive run, and his good form will continue in the future. He is the main-drive force behind their good runs of games this season, and there is no reason why he shouldn’t continue until the super bowl.

Cincinnati Bengals

Cincinnati Bengals are quite a prominent team that has a significant number of titles under its belt. So far, they have been pretty good, and it wouldn’t be a surprise if they reach the super bowl, and win it in the end. Of course, the competition is pretty steep, but nobody would be really surprised if they achieve it.

They are in a good form right now, and they have won a couple of matches. They lost a recent match against the Kansas city chiefs. However, we want to point out that the match was pretty equal until the end when City Chiefs managed to get an upper hand and win over them at the end of the match.

However, we predict that they will stay competitive until the end of the championship. So, they have a good foundation to do so. When it comes to the most prominent players in the team, we want to point out players such as Brandon Allen and Joe Burrow, once again we are talking about a pair of quarterbacks.

Philadelphia Eagles


Philadelphia Eagles are one of the best teams in the history of the league. They have a high number of titles, and they have reached the super bowl finals a lot of times. At the moment, they do have a problem with some of their best players injured, like Jalen Hurts, who has a problem with his shoulder.

At the moment, their form is not at the highest possible level, but we can see that numerous bookies believe that they can step it up in the future and reach the appropriate form. Of course, with Jalen Hurts being the best player on the team, they would need his help to reach these levels until the end of the season.

In fact, we can see that with him returning, and some other prominent names getting better in the coming months, it is reasonable to expect this to happen.

San Francisco 49ers

The last team we want to point out as the probable favorite to reach and win the super bowl is the San Francisco 49ers. We can see that they have problems with their defense as of late. Still, it is more than clear that their form will become better in the future, especially with the latest additions they made to their team. There are some really good names in it.



As you can see, the competition for winning the super bowl this season is pretty steep. There are so many teams that have the chance to do it. Here, we’ve presented you with the most important names for you to know if you want to make a bet. We are certain you will find this insight to be helpful.