Writing is a real fun for many students. Those who like writing can easily get engaged with college essays. College essays are different from school ones, and it demands a lot of your engagement. Moreover, you have to work according to the university’s requirements. You also have to give credit to the original source from your college references.

Many students need help writing college essays. They procrastinate, and slowly it turns into intense fear.

If you are in that group, this article can help you. Here we discuss ways to overcome the fear and anxiety of writing college essays.

How To Overcome Fear And Anxiety Of Writing College Essays


One of the great problems that students face during their academic careers is balancing work-life. Many of them are constrained to work part-time to run the expenditure of studies. Situations like this further increase the fear and anxiety among the students.

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Practice Writing On A Familiar Topic

It is said that practice makes one perfect. There is no shortcut to attaining perfection in writing. You have no other way but to invest your time writing the essay. This is the bitter pill you have to swallow.

So what you need is a start. Select any topic in which you have some interest. You will soon find out that you can write better than alien topics. When you realize it, you can relieve yourself of the pressure.

You may observe that writing on familiar topics is always easy. Hence you need to work on it to practice your engagement. This can help you fight your fear of writing.

Write The First Draft

Always work on your first draft and make it a practice. When you select an essay, jot down the points that you wish to cover in your essay. This will eliminate the fear from you. Write the first draft. Here you can do endless edits. First, structure your essay; prepare the structure and then try to write down the first draft. It is a great approach to writing down your essay.

You can proceed with your final take if you have finished your first draft. You don’t have to give your best in the first shot. You can take your time to collect the data and structure your essay.

It’s always better to take advice from an individual who is particular and extremely critical. They can guide you on the essay. Therefore ensure that you are used to developing it as a habit. It can help you with writing your essays. So you need to work precisely on this point.

Do What Scares You


It says that difference comes with a change in approach. Do what scares you. Yes, you got it right; if you need help with expression, work on it; if you have trouble with grammatical flaws, give time to it. Finally, if you have trouble with writing, engage yourself in writing.

You can drive away the ghost of writing only through hours of engagement. The more you write, the better it will be for you. If you tend to move away driven by fear and anxiety, then you will end up increasing the trouble for you.

You can try the Kaizen approach to write down your essay. Start with writing the smallest of quantities. Then slowly increase your word count. Practice daily, and it can help you become confident in the art which once drove you mad.


Stress is one of the root causes of deteriorating physical and mental health. The students are adversely affected by it.

Many factors can trigger stress among students, including relationship problems and high expectations in life, which are some of the things that drive students into the zone of anxiety and depression.

According to a study by the American Institute, around 61% of them are seeking counseling that reports anxiety and depression. If you are really frightened by essay writing, then things will be utterly difficult for you.

One of the great ways to tackle your stress is meditation. Every day you must spend time on meditation. They calm down your senses and help you manage stress. Ultimately you can sit to write with a rejuvenated self. So try your best to ensure that you are free of it. Meditation can enrich your thoughts, and it will have a positive reflection on your writing.

Revise Your Essay

When you finish writing your essay, keep adequate time for revision. It would indeed be great for you. Revising your essay can help you identify your mistakes and bring in the correction.

Try to revise it as many times as possible, and you will slowly discover the problems in your writing. You can read it beside your friends and take their viewpoint.

Everyone has their own perspective on a subject. You can learn a lot from it. You can also discuss things with your teachers. They are the best judge, and they can easily identify the flaws in your writing.

Try to reach out to the root cause of your problems and work on it continuously. It helps you shape your writing and also your thought process.


Bringing The Discussion To A Close

Fear and anxiety can indeed hamper your writing. If you are gripped by it, you must start taking steps to work on it. The academic career is long, and you can not be in this state throughout your life.

Hence start working on it with serious intent. Follow these points as mentioned above, and soon you will start to observe the difference. So ensure you are resilient enough to drive away the fear and anxiety and take all the pains to convert your weakness into strength. Take the challenge today.