Gift boxes are typically associated with special occasions such as holidays, weddings and birthdays. They are often used to express certain sentiments to loved ones, but have you ever thought about how you can create a gift box accessory or, in other words, repurpose it for continued use long after the content has been consumed?

Gift boxes can be repurposed in many different creative ways to add value to the daily lives of individuals.  Essentially, you can repurpose gift boxes and use them in a number of different ways that go beyond their conventional use.  This article will explore a number of unique ways in which gift boxes can be used.

DIY Home Décor

Gift boxes can be repurposed into decorative storage solutions that add an atmosphere of charm to any room. Use wallpaper, decorative paper or fabric to cover the box and use it as a vase, planter or candle holder. In addition, they can be stacked on top of each other to create a beautiful, functional and unique bookshelf.

Lunch Box


Using gift boxes as lunch boxes is not only practical but stylish as well. They come in different sizes and shapes and as such, you can select the one that is the perfect fit for your lunch. To personalize it, decorate the box with markers, stickers or paint. In addition, you can add a handle or ribbon to make carrying it around much easier.

Not only is repurposing gift boxes as lunch boxes good for the environment but it adds a personal touch to your daily routine as well.  In addition, gift boxes can be used as a storage space for sandwiches or snacks when you are on the go.

Storage Boxes

Storage is one of the most apparent uses of gift boxes.  These boxes can be used to store items such as office supplies, trinkets or jewelry.  In addition, they can be used as a storage space for craft supplies, like yarn, ribbons and beads.  The gift box can also be decorated to match of complement your décor and a label can be added to the front to identify the contents easily.

Candle Holder

Gift boxes can be used as candle holders as well.  This can be done by making a hole in the top and inserting candles.  However, to prevent a fire hazard, only flameless candles should be used. The result will be an eye-catching and unique piece of home décor.

Gift Wrap

Gift boxes can be used as gift wrap for items that are difficult to wrap. Simply place the item inside the box and wrap it with ribbon or tissue paper. You can also decorate the box to make it look like a traditional gift wrap.

Drawer Organizers


Gift boxes are ideal for use when organizing drawers.  The box can be cut to fit the size of the drawer and then used to store scarves, socks or underwear. This will help in keeping your drawers neat and tidy and could be free from the hassle of ever having to hunt for a missing sock again.

To make drawer organizers, measure the dimensions of your drawer and cut the gift box to fit. You can cover the box with decorative paper or fabric to match your decor. You can also add dividers to create separate compartments for different items. This will not only make your drawer look neater, but it will also make it easier to find what you need.

Memory Boxes

Gift boxes can be used to create memory boxes for special occasions such as weddings and baby showers. Fill the box with items such as photos, letters, and other keepsakes to create a special memory box that can be cherished for years to come.

Gift Box Planters

Gift boxes can be transformed into planters for small plants.  The box should be lined with a trash bag or other material made of plastic to stop water from seeping through if.  Put some soil into the box and go ahead with the task of planting your favorite flowers or herbs.  In addition, you can decorate the box with decoupage or paint to match or complement your home décor.

Party Favors

If you host parties regularly or once in a while, gift boxes can make great remarkable favors. Fill them with small toys, candy or other treats and hand them to your guests as a gratitude gift for their attendance.  You can decorate them to match the party theme as well.

Cat Bed

If you are a cat lover, you can transform a gift box into a comfortable bed for your feline buddy. Cut a hole in the front of the box and use a soft fabric to cover it.  You can also add a blanket or cushion to the box and your cat will have a new favorite location to nap.

Shadow Boxes


You can also use gift boxes to create shadow boxes to show off your favorite items.  Start the process by cutting a hole in the front of the box and using glass or clear plastic to cover it.  Add certain items such as photographs, seashells, or figurines and the lid can then be used to keep them in place.

Donation Boxes

Gift boxes can also be used as donation boxes for organizations like certain charities. Simply decorate the box with a message or the organization’s logo and put it in a visible spot. Individuals can then put their donations inside the box.

Gift Card Holders

Gift boxes are a great alternative to traditional gift card holders. Simply place the gift card inside the box and wrap it with ribbon or tissue paper.

Beyond being presented as presents, gift boxes have a number of unique uses. From DIY home decor to storage solutions, cat beds to lunch boxes, you can repurpose gift boxes and use them in creative ways. Therefore, the next time you get a gift in a box, you should consider not throwing it away.  Instead, think about repurposing it into something that is both beautiful and functional.