Traveling is always an exciting time no matter where you plan to go. Visiting a new country or going back to a place you found enjoyable last time is enough cause for positivity and even though the last year or so has not been kind to us in terms of trips, things seem to be going back to normal. Most tourists prefer air travel for the obvious reasons of convenience and speed, so far away destinations are hardly an issue. After you choose the destination for your last trip and decide that an airplane is going to be your preferred way of travel, there is only one thing left to do.

Seating Options


As you very well know, each plane has different types of seats for the different passengers looking for the levels of comfort and convenience they prefer. If you want the cheapest and most straightforward option, the economy class if for you. It is the usual option and the normal way of traveling by plane. If, on the other hand, you wish to have a better and more pleasurable experience, you should opt for a first class seat. They are usually characterized with comfier and bigger individual seats with more leg room and additional features. The service in the first class section of the plane is also on a higher level as you have more options for meals and drinks as well as other amenities not found in back part of the plane.

Regarding the price, it depends on the airline company but it is usually between 30% and 50% more. It pays to choose the option if you usually have trouble getting comfortable especially during the night and while trying to sleep. In addition, if you generally eat larger meals and more often, first class makes sense. Of course, the most obvious reason to choose it is if the money is not a problem and/or if you are on a business trip and your employer covers the travel costs.

The question remains though, is this the best way of air travel, and if not, what is? Well, booking a private flight certainly has its options and we are going to discuss them in comparison to first class in the following section. If you want to discover all the benefits of private jet hire you need to contact Aerojetme.

First Class Vs Private Flight


If you think about the two different approaches to air travel, you can conclude on your own what the most obvious differences are. Still though, there are many hidden and less talked about differences that need more attention if you are ever to pick between the two.

Airport Experience


First class trips are still much better than economy because you do not have to wait in the usual lines and go through the usual security checks. There are separate lines and depart areas for all first class passengers as well as separate lounges with additional amenities and features. Some first class areas have additional food and beverage options as well as top tier service like spas, massages, and dedicated nap spots.

However, this is nothing when compared to booking a private flight. You hardly even have to see the inside of an airport because you go directly to the terminal of the private jet company and then directly onto the airfield or a hangar where the jet is waiting. The whole process lasts minutes and there is no reason to arrive to the airport hours earlier. Private flights are all about the ultimate speed while also having all you need on board.

In-Flight Service


Speaking of things you get on board, let us compare the differences between first class service and private flight service. On a private flight everything is there to suit you and your party and the privacy you get is absolute. The staff is there to serve you no matter what you need. The food is according to your preferences, decided on in advance in most cases. The cabins and rooms have all you need from a regular bathroom to a comfortable bedroom. Bars and dining areas exist as well as numerous seating options like sofas and armchairs. Best of all, you are free to move around and about as much as you want, except during takeoff and landing. There is Wi-Fi available too. Basically, flying private is like renting a five-star hotel room that flies.

In first class, things are still much better than in economy but still nowhere near what a passenger on a private flight gets. The seats are much bigger, they often extend and turn into a semi-bed, and there is plenty of legroom. Depending on the plane and the airline company, they may even be completely isolated with screens offering more privacy. In-flight meals are bigger and you have more options, often without any real limitations. Gourmet dining and bars are also available on some flights, as are special areas for first class passengers to socialize. All in all, first class is the best option if you want commercial airline travel in the best way possible.

Destinations and Travel Time


Last but not least, we discuss the differences in travel times and destinations available. Since they are still flying commercial, first class passengers depend on the airline company and the schedules of the airports. They are always strict, as you know, and you have to be careful. With private jets, you can be late, sometimes even early, and negotiate the travel times as much as you want. They are there to wait for you and offer you their services irrelevant of your changing timetable. It is a much more flexible approach to air travel. Regarding the destinations, commercial airlines only use international airports because of the size and number of the planes, and the room needed to fit them. Private jets are much smaller which means they can travel to any airport in the world irrelevant of its size. They easily fit in small hangars and are easier to maintain and prepare. Connecting flights are not always needed either as some tickets include helicopter transfers and special limo rides.