People have started to see the importance of digital ways of flirting in the present era. Almost 30% of adults in the U.S. use dating sites. It shows that learning how to flirt on a dating site carries significant importance in this digital era.

The first thing everyone should do while flirting online is that they should take it lightly. It means that it should be a light activity, and later, things may proceed on their own if a connection starts to build up between two potential partners. Secondly, the idea is to know the other person in a better way first, so that you can analyze the situation and understanding level to plan and move ahead with future things. You would prefer to be a playful and light person, and this would also help you both to start knowing each other in a relaxed manner. You may also refer to the common interests in both profiles, which will let the other person know that you have paid attention to their profile.

Online dating has a lot of areas to focus on. Here we will be discussing a few crucial aspects that one should master to flirt in a way that wins you that companionship you longed for in online dating.

Start a Conversation


It would be best if you started the conversation with something exciting and valuable to the other person. This is the general aspect of discussions that it is a two-way thing, and you must have things to discuss with your online partner. A meaningful conversation will lead you to further possibilities, and the absence of any random sort of discussion will make the other person feel confident about you. This will help you build a sound relationship with the other person before you proceed further with the relationship.

The conversation topics must be sensibly picked up based on the other person’s levels of expertise and interests. For instance, you cannot discuss political science in detail with a civil engineer, or you cannot discuss with a person about how good it is to spend time alone on the beach, who is an introvert. Start conversations with exciting topics or lovely comments like “Whoa! Your new profile picture has a wonderful landscape in it. Tell me more about It.” may lead to much better communication.

Flirt in a Positive Mood


Online flirting is just like any other conversation, and it should have fun and productivity. It would help if you wanted to enjoy a good time chatting with a random person you wish to know in detail. Instead of discussing the regular boring topics, you might want to change the strategy and move towards discussing random but unusual topics, such as the funny things that happened to both of you and humorous stories about your relatives. But you need not try being a self-obsessed person at all, and you should give the other person a reasonable space to tell you things from their side. There is nothing sexier to flirt in a positive mood with your sense of humor. “Dogs cannot survive ridiculous neighbors. What do you think?” or “My zodiac sign keeps me doing interesting things. I am sure you have the same thing,” kind of sentences would lead to a lively conversation. Another great way to flirt with someone on dating apps is to have some interesting questions to ask to your match. Check this blog post with the best tinder questions to ask someone.

Do Not Turn to Flirt Into an Interview


Your conversation needs to be focused on understanding the other person emotionally and spiritually, so do not turn to flirt into an interview. You need to pre-decide various topics that you want to discuss. This would help you in many ways; for instance, if you start a topic and the other person is not interested in that specific topic, you must have some further discussion points to carry on with the conversation. Else it would become a tedious and dull situation at some stage. Having said this, you must not try to have all the topics discussed in just one conversation, and things can be saved for discussion during future conversations at the right time.

Give Compliments


One way that helps you in having more topics to discuss is to give compliments. For instance, you can share your views on anything that you have liked or noticed about the other person, and later, this can be turned into something to discuss in detail.

It is the trickiest part to send honest compliments while not being overly complimentary. Positive compliments that will help you may be like “You look very active and thoughtful in your graduation video” or “You live in a very nice neighborhood.”

Learn to Pause


Success in online flirting is dependent on how well you understand the other person, and you need to initiate with the comments or topics to get the other person talking. People generally love talking and having a flirty conversation; it is also necessary for you to make it easier for the other person to talk. Learn to pause and be a good listener while asking many follow-up questions on a particular topic. This will make the other person think that you are paying attention to their responses, and this will make them tell you further details on the topic.

Tell Us About Your Feelings


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