Going to the cinema and experiencing a film that recently won an Oscar has no alternative. For most people, going to the cinema is something that is understood at least twice a week.

However, this tradition has been disrupted for all of us by the unforeseen situation with the Covid 19 pandemic, which since March 2020 has closed all possible doors that can be closed, including the doors of our cinemas. We spent all our free time, even for most people and working hours, at home. The pandemic has turned us to different priorities and ways of thinking.

Whether it’s a pandemic or a winter holiday where we all have a little more spare time, or it’s just the weekend coming, we’re somehow used to being in warm homes these days.

And what do we mostly do when we have free time that we have decided to spend at home? Simple: watch the latest movies and favorite series. So who can get bored of that? After the pandemic, ticket prices for cinemas have risen, so here is another reason to stay at home and try to do something reminiscent of cinema in the pleasant ambiance of our home.

As amazing as it may sound, today for less than $ 1,000 you can buy home theater equipment and indulge in enjoyment.


Ok, then it’s time to choose a movie from the billboard and before you make popcorn or delicious sandwiches listen to our 5 useful gadgets to add to your home movie theater.

Consider well should you watch a movie on TV or projector.

If you already have a large TV in your home that you are completely satisfied with, then it is clear what you will choose. However, most of us have a mediocre TV that doesn’t look so much like a movie screen.

In that case, we recommend that you consider a projector. The Wemax nova is a laser projector that you can add to your latest gadget collection. It is 4K Ultra HD and has 30W of immersive audio experience with multiple inputs for a Better Viewing Experience. If you do a little research on the Internet or go to a nearby equipment store, you will be surprised how cheap you can find this little miracle.

If you don’t have a projected screen, we’re sure you have a sheet to help make the experience even bigger. However, you must be aware that the quality of the projected image will depend on the substrate itself. Any imperfections on the wall or canvas will be seen.

One very important thing: before buying a projector, make sure that the room where you intend to watch movies has curtains and the possibility of it getting dark at any time of the day. Ambient light and how it can harm the quality of the content being played. If the situation is not favorable in this sense, then let the TV be your option.

Gadgets No1. Vamvo Mini Projector L4200


This HD video projector is something that will delight you with both price and quality. Unlike its predecessors, the L4200 has much better LED lighting and a resolution of 1080P. You will have top colors and perfect contrast. LED lamps can last up to 50,000 hours, which is, you will admit, a very long period. It has HDMI, USB, audio and AV interface, but not WI-FI. It is very easy to install and weighs a little less than 1.5g.

Gadgets No2. NIERBO Screen

If you want a complete cinematic experience and you are one of those who appreciate image quality, then the price of this projector screen will be very ridiculous. So, for the projector, you bought to give its maximum, this screen of only forty euros is our warm recommendation. It easily fits with any type of projector and is 120 inches in diameter. Lightly enjoy watching movies in HD. Of course, this is not a classic TV screen. It is made of synthetic fibers that are stretched and made in this way and prevent any unevenness. The transport of this screen is not complicated, and even if small irregularities appear, there is nothing that cannot be ironed.

Gadgets No3. HOIN Project Screen

If you want a solution instantly and very easily, this is the right thing for you. There is no installation or assembly. Simply unfold on your stand and light a movie or favorite series. The diagonal of this canvas is 100 inches and the price is very affordable, as we researched, a little less than $170

Don’t forget the sound!

As important as picture quality is sound quality. It is the sound that gives such a strong effect in cinemas. Have you ever tried one great movie to watch in a reduced tone? It’s just that the impression can’t be close. If you’re embarking on designing your home theater, this is one of the items you shouldn’t forget.

Gadgets No4. OneConcept V5 Home Theater


This is certainly the cheapest but also the most complete home theater system. The price is around $100 and for that, you get five speakers and you feel like you are in a cinema. Its speakers have 20 W, it also has a bass Reflek subwoofer and 5.1 surround sound. Of course, according to your aspirations, you can adjust the sound for complete enjoyment. So, for this money, and a medium-sized room, there is no need to look any further.

Gadgets No5. Woojer Vest Edge

Don’t skimp on sound and sound effects. And if you’re going to be alone in your home theater, try something much more than good sound. Imagine a vest that is light and allows you to experience the effects of what you are looking at even more strongly. Wondering how? The experience offered by Woojer Vest Edge is truly irreplaceable. So far you have listened to the sound and now you can feel it.

Also, we’ve provided a more in-depth Woojer Vest Edge Review below:

Connect it via Bluetooth or a 3.5 mm connection and get ready for an unforgettable experience through which haptic pulses will guide you. The sound turns into visceral sensations that allow you to experience the content of the movie you are watching, literally as if you were there. Experience an explosion, good action, or simply move completely to Tomorrowland. For all lovers of good film and hedonists, this is something you just have to experience. If you’re still not sure if you should set aside money for something like this, you can always read first online reviews about it and see what are others experiences.

To sum up: enjoying a home cinema will not take away too much money, unless, of course, you decide otherwise. The cheapest variant, if not bad at all, will be around $300. And for $550 you will have full equipment of excellent quality and you will certainly not miss the cinema.