Modern slot machines for money are very popular among sports-oriented people not by chance. They are a kind of simulator for character development. Tournaments and casino draws, for example National casino, educate the players in such qualities as determination, a positive outlook on things, unwavering faith in yourself and in the upcoming success. It is also important that gambling develop intuition, which in sports is also not the last role.

Gambling sites are often visited by sports-oriented people who want to build a brilliant career in this field. And leads to the online casino beginners and already established athletes love for excitement, which is inherent in one way or another to everyone who dreams of Olympic gold. An important role is also played by the desire to earn certain personal qualities and skills that will then help to succeed in life and in sport.

Sometimes, successful athletes can not predict the outcome of future competitions and take part in a knowingly losing events that ruin their entire career. A good intuition helps to bypass the unfavorable moments, simply by not participating in them. And the ability to bypass such “pitfalls” is the key to maintaining a good reputation, image and prestige of the athlete. After all, just one failure at the competition can erase all the victories that came before.

Slots and simulators, which knows every fan of virtual gambling, can reward players with substantial cash winnings, which for athletes is very, very important. Engaging in sports today – not the cheapest choice, because the services of trainers, sports equipment, accessories, special food cost a lot of money. And to have an additional source of income in the form of gambling for money in this context is not only desirable, but, we can say, necessary. This will allow you to cover the high costs of sports at the expense of cash winnings, at least partially. In the best case scenario, virtual gambling can be used to finance the whole sport. But for that, it is necessary to reach certain heights in the sphere of professional growth, to work tirelessly on oneself and to develop the skills of a win-win game.

Why athletes are the most susceptible to gambling addiction


Scientists believe that the main driving factor in the life of an athlete is the competitive moment. And gambling offers the athlete an additional opportunity to receive this moment. Gradually the human body develops a tolerance for adrenaline and needs more and more “thrills” to feel comfortable.

Another factor is not having another profession. A sportsman’s career ends very early – at the age of 35-40 at the most (with few exceptions), and many of them do not know how to provide themselves with extra income after it ends. And then going to the casino seems like a reasonable option to make a quick buck.

Also, professional athletes are not used to giving up. If an ordinary person loses a large sum in poker, he simply may not sit down at the table again. But he, who is used to fight to the bitter end in the sporting arena, not to suffer defeats and always look for ways to win back, will definitely adopt this strategy from the soccer field or the boxing ring in the world of gambling, where losses happen often. In this way a person can fall not only into an addiction, but also into a serious financial hole.

What are the signs to recognize an emerging gambling addiction


Since athletes are the ones most at risk for gambling addiction, it is enough to find at least 3 points from the list below to know that a gambling addiction is on the doorstep. Other people need to find at least 5 matches.

Signs of beginning gambling addiction:

  • Gambling becomes a person’s main hobby. He often thinks about as soon as possible to play again or, conversely, is constantly scrolling thought that it is time to give up gambling. One of his main questions is where to get the money to play.
  • The player’s stakes keep increasing, and he does not interrupt the game. He experiences an adrenaline rush while betting.
  • Attempts to quit the game have been made repeatedly, but each of them ended in failure.
  • During the game, the gambler is distracted from external problems. Playing it pushes loneliness, guilt, lack of fulfillment in life, depression.
  • A person can start playing again the very next day after a big loss. Driven by a desire to win back. Very often the thought of losing money does not give you sleep.
  • When you refuse to play or reduce the game time the person becomes irritable or apathetic, his mood is ruined, he does not know what to do himself.
  • Very often the person hides his games, lies to relatives or friends, is ashamed of his addiction.
  • Motives for illegal activities appear. The player may be ready to cheat, steal or rob someone in order to get money to play.
  • Social ties weaken, relationships with relatives and friends become strained. The person is ready to quit his job or studies, and begins to skip school.
  • He has no money left to support himself or his children. He gives up responsibility and shifts it to others.

This problem is really acute in modern sports. Soccer players, basketball players, golfers, boxers and many other athletes are addicted to gambling. If you notice signs of gambling addiction immediately seek help from professional psychologists. To cope with the disease on their own is very difficult.