Jay-Z, today’s brightest artist and Grammy winner, has announced his ambition to contribute to the lights of New York City. The artist’s plans are ambitious enough: to open his casino right in the famous Times Square. It is where Roc Nation envisions a place where dreams will come true thanks to big winnings and where tourists will flock worldwide for a chance to touch the famous rapper’s new creation.

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The institution provides for social initiatives


Together with partners from SL Green and Caesars Entertainment, Jay-Z is considering the prospect of building an institution that will be more than just a casino but a centre of attraction for tourists, an engine for local businesses, and a boost for public transportation. The place promises to offer opportunities for all, breathing new life into the city and making it even more inviting to visitors.

But that’s not all! There’s room for art and support for families in this project, too. An impressive $115 million is slated to be invested in developing theatre programs and supporting Broadway workers and their families. It embodies the idea that culture and entertainment can go hand in hand with social responsibility and caring for one’s fellow man.

Time Square will get a new tourist magnet

Project visionaries, including SL Green CEO Mark Holliday and Caesars Entertainment, are confident that their plans will complement and enhance the contemporary look of Times Square, turning it into a world-class creative hub for years to come. The thought that the legendary Jay-Z, a prominent music figure, could become a significant player in the gaming industry is a source of excitement and anticipation. Jay-Z’s casino could be a unique facility that combines the likes of:

  • Art;
  • Entertainment;
  • Worker support;
  • Local business development;
  • Attracting tourists;
  • Supporting the local community.

So whether you’re in the heart of bustling New York City, cozying up at home or travelling, opportunities to enjoy the excitement and atmosphere of a casino are always at your fingertips. Extraordinary projects like Jay-Z’s supposed casino continue to inspire and engage audiences, opening up new horizons for the industry. Jay-Z, a highly successful entrepreneur and artist, possesses a formidable business mind that has propelled him to great heights. Known for his strategic acumen, he has demonstrated an ability to identify lucrative opportunities and turn them into profitable ventures.

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