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Gerard Butler was given birth to in the year 1969 13th November in the city of Paisley in Scotland. Over the years he has been immensely involved with acting and this has resulted to a summed net worth of $30 million.

Gerard Butler started his acting career with minimal roles in movies such as in “Tomorrow Never Dies” in which he played the role of James Bond and also appearing in “Attila” in the year 2001. Since the early 2000, the actor has basically starred in high profile movies including portraying Andre Marek in Michael Crichton’s Timeline.

Gerard Butler became known for not just acting but also having major influence in films, he showed such specialties in “The Phantom of the Opera” and “King Leonidas” (in the movie 300) in the years 2004 and 2007 respectively. He has also starred in a number of roles for different movies which has also increased his profile.

Such movies are like: The Bounty Hunter, Law Abiding Citizen, The Gamer and many others. Not only has he been on screen for most performances but also off-screen in the movie series “How to train your Dragon 1&2” in which he voice was used as the character Stoick.

The star growing up wasn’t so much fun as his career has turned out to be. He was basically without parental career while he was still a boy, given the fact that both parents of his parted ways while he was just 18 months old.

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But he was able to graduate as a law student from the University of Glasgow after attending The Scottish Youth Theatre at teen age. Prior to his graduation from Law School the actor relocated to California within a year and underwent small jobs as well as getting involved with the intake of heavy alcohol which eventually lead to his arrest.

Gerard Butler graduated from law school and became the trainee lawyer in Edinburgh, nevertheless his high socially inclined personality didn’t allow his job to settle and he was discontinued from Edinburgh.

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By the time Gerard was 25 years of age, he relocated permanently to London in search of a bigger dream and by the time he turned 27 years of age, the actor was already gifted with a debut acting job. Three years after his first acting job, Gerard changed his location to Los Angeles and it really helped shaped his acting career.


gerard butler net worth


  • United Kingdom

Date of Birth

  • 13th November 1969

Place of Birth

  • Paisley, United Kingdom


  • 50


  • Actor


  • 88kg


  • 187 cm



gerard butler career

Net Worth

  • $30 million

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