Oral herpes is an infection that happens due to HSV (Herpes Simplex Virus). It occurs whenever a person comes close to an infected person, who can shed the virus sexually or skin-to-skin touch. It is necessary to check the symptoms of HSV. The infected person can make other people also sick. You can also consider it as a sexually transmitted disease that you must treat once you diagnose it.

A minor delay can ruin your health condition, and you may face many problems. Visit to test oral herps whenever you spot any symptoms. In the following write-up, we will discuss when you must get examined for oral herpes. We will also discuss symptoms, test types, and other necessary things to know about this disease. Make sure that you go through this article thoroughly.

How is Oral Herpes Tested?


If you want to diagnose oral herpes, then some lab tests need to be done. These tests will help in confirming whether you have this infection or not. You have to give a blood sample and fluid that is coming out from the sore.

After giving these samples to a diagnostic center, you have to wait for a few days until you get the results. There are fewer chances when you need to provide a lumbar puncture from the spinal cord or brain for diagnosing the infection. It happens in rare cases. Your doctor will tell you about these tests in detail.

What is the Test Purpose?

The purpose of this test is to identify the presence of the HSV virus in your body. The tests are done to confirm many things like:

  • Confirming the HSV virus in an infected person
  • Anyone with no symptoms is diagnosed to check his history of genital sores
  • Estimation of the future outbreak symptom and their frequency
  • Pregnant women with no symptoms are diagnosed to check the presence of HSV virus
  • Checking out your sexual partner whether he is susceptible to the virus

Types of HSV


There are two types of HSV viruses that you must know before you go to the diagnostic center. The symptoms and effects of both types are also different. Hence, your doctor will suggest treatments in both cases.

  1. HSV Type 1: This virus is the main reason for oral herpes, and it can contact you during childhood. It is easy to spread to your genitals during oral sex.
  2. HSV Type 2: This virus is the main reason for genital herpes. During oral sex, it can spread to your mouth and can cause infections to the lips and mouth. It happens due to sexual contact that involves oral, anal, or vaginal sex.

What are the Types of Tests Done for Detecting Oral or Genital Herpes?

If you see the symptoms of herpes, then your doctor will suggest four types of tests to confirm whether you are infected with the HSV virus or not.

1. Viral Culture:


The sore fluid is tested to check whether there is HSV 1 or 2 infection. The test involves keeping the sample in a lab environment for a few days to check whether there is any growth of virus in it. This test happens when the sore is open, and it is done in the early stage.

2. Tzanck smear:


In this test, some scraped cells from the blister or sore of the patient. It helps in checking the characteristic of the virus infection. The examination of cells takes place under the microscope. Your doctor can also examine this test in his clinic, and there is no requirement to visit the lab.

3. PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) Test:


It is a DNA test that requires a sample from the patient’s sore. With the help of this test, it is easy to differentiate between HSV 1 and 2. It is easy to determine the cause of this infection and test the sample of cerebrospinal fluid.

4. Antibody Test:


The production of antibodies takes place when your immune system is fighting against harmful substances, i.e., antigens. It is easy to check whether the patient’s body is fighting against the infection. It is easy to detect from the blood sample or the sore fluid. You can get the results of this test only when you are infected for more than three months because antibodies take time to produce in our bodies.

When Should You Get Tested for Oral Herpes?

Whenever you observe any sign of oral herpes infection, you should consider tests as mentioned above. A patient can see the symptoms from day 2 to 20. More symptoms will be there when the infection grows. You must check the following symptoms:

  • Small skin sores
  • Swelled lymph nodes
  • Blisters on areas like mouth, anus, lips, buttocks, vagina, and penis
  • Body aches
  • Fever
  • Inflammation
  • Itching or tingling sensation on the skin
  • Headache

Is It Possible to Examine the Herpes Infection at Home?


You can buy home examination kits to examine the presence HSV virus. This test can detect the production of antibodies in your body. If you observe antibodies, then it means that the immune system is working hard to fight against any virus. But you need to visit a doctor for additional follow-up and tests. You need to confirm whether you are suffering from an infection or not. You can buy home kits from a local pharmacy.

The Bottom Line

Oral herpes is a severe virus infection that needs you must treat on time. You can make it worse if you ignore the symptoms and neglect tests. It happens when you are sexually involved with an infected person. Like other virus infections, your immune system is fighting against them and produces antibodies.

There are four tests through which one can confirm whether he is infected with HSV or not. It may be oral herpes or may just be something as harmless as cold sores on your chin. You should immediately consult your doctor once you observe any of the mentioned signs. It is better to stay safe and avoid such diseases. Get enough knowledge about this virus infection to prevent it before getting worse with time delay.