People like a good scandal as well as the poker community is no different. While all of us like hearing about the latest tournament winners or maybe the latest innovations within the game, Poker seems to get the most excellent general attention. There is always going to be scandal and drama in the poker world, and below we’ve developed a summary of the thirteen top poker scandals of the last ten years.

Online Poker was brought to the entire world toward the tail end of the 90s. It then became the most widely played online casino games, getting millions of players. Several online poker players enjoy Texas Hold’em and Omaha poker competitions; therefore, it is not surprising that internet casinos can see cheating. Several individuals will go out of their way to make sure they win significantly in the poker table, whether at an online or land-based casino.

Five of the greatest cheating scandals: The most excellent online casinos and poker websites work with advanced artificial intelligence to stop cheating. Nevertheless, several players still managed to get away with cheating and found Poker online. Below are some of the biggest poker cheaters according to

1. Russ Hamilton


Russ Hamilton is a World Series of Poker pro and also received the 1994 Main Event. The Ultimate Bet scandal – probably the most prominent scandal in internet poker and cheating reputation – had the poker market frenzy. Between January 2005 and December 2007, Russ Hamilton, one of the Poker Cheaters Ever cheated players of countless bucks, charging Ultimate Bet more than twenty-two dollars million. He managed to do this through a superuser bank account on Ultimate Bet. Hamilton might see the hole cards of every player and also made bets accordingly. He mentioned his cheating program and hasn’t given back any cash, and Ultimate Bet finished up spending back players defrauded. Hamilton is a free man with recognition for being one of the greatest cheaters within the game. Unsurprisingly, he’s been blacklisted through the poker world.

2. Darren Woods


Darren Woods is a talented young poker professional and a former World Series of Poker bracelet victorious one. Woods defrauded many online poker players by properly opening and playing with many poker accounts. His cheating pattern worked by logging right into a poker dining room table using multiple accounts and winning money contrary to the “other’ players. Although it was against the law as he made it, it seems like there have been numerous players when it was very likely just him and his target playing. Shows that he managed to skew the odds in favor of his.

Unlike Hamilton, Woods was discovered responsible by a UK court and jailed for fifteen weeks for fraud and cheating poker players from hundreds of a huge number of dollars. He had also been found guilty of claiming bogus profits coming from his former sponsor, Hamilton was ordered to pay again 1dolar1 1.5 million too many he defrauded, or maybe he will have to deliver six years in prison. Woods was one of the Poker Cheaters Ever and the first individual criminally prosecuted inside the Uk for cheating while taking part in Poker.

3. Scott Tom


The Black Friday scandal had everybody in the poker business buzzing. Many people feel that Scott Tom – among the founders of Absolute Poker – fitted a backdoor in his program, which resulted in the Black Friday scandal. This backdoor allowed certain users to see everyone’s fingers in the poker table and, therefore, defraud other internet poker players for combined large numbers of dollars. Absolute Poker was turned down, and Tom made a plea deal of a simple 1dolar1 300,000 facial. After pleading guilty to smaller charges, Tom just spent seven days in prison.

4. Josh Fields


Josh “JJ Prodigy” Fields is among the world’s youngest & most debatable poker players and also Poker Cheaters Ever. He was interested in playing with several accounts in big competitions on the Party Poker website. At the age of fifteen, Fields began playing in internet poker rooms, which is unlawful because the authorized age is eighteen years of age in the USA. He received a competition for 1dolar1 140,000 underneath the username “ABlackCar.” The scandal arrived in light, holding a poker community after suspicion arose that’ Blackstar’ was getting operated by “JJ Prodigy.” He ultimately admitted to producing numerous profiles and buying accounts. Well-known websites such as PartyPoker and PokerStars banned him. Fields found himself in trouble once again when it was reported he’d been having over for players during competitions, and shared their winnings with them. Although he was banished from almost all internet casinos, he carried on to enjoy under several aliases. Therefore the thing that makes Fields’ cheating story fascinating is he admitted to cheating before twenty-one and started playing in live poker tournaments. The online reputation follows him at life, although it is safe to say that it’s not possible to create numerous accounts in games that are life.

5. Jose “Girah” Macedo


Dubbed the Portuguese poker prodigy, Jose’ Girah’ Macedo, Poker Cheaters Ever admitted to staging a hole card sharing scam. He admitted to persuading players to play against a particular player on the iPoker system. Macedo used the title “sauron1989” in video games with stakes of fifty dollars – a hundred dollars. Players were convinced by him to let him “sweat’ the play of theirs and view them on the web over screen sharing. The account “sauron1989” was actively playing way too well, and players started to be suspicious. They learned that Macedo’s individual Skype profiles and’ sauron1989′ would typically log on and off at precisely the same period, which confirmed the suspicion of theirs that Macedo was utilizing Skype as a superuser account and also scamming them. At that time, He apologized and promised to pay back the players with fascination. Macedo dropped his Lock Poker sponsorship and a single season after being known as a poker prodigy,  remaining in the poker community.