We all like to relax after a hard day at work. While some prefer running, walking, or some other physical activity, there are many who prefer to spend their time relaxing with a cup of coffee and their favorite TV show. However, there are also many who see relaxation in playing different games. Today, there are online casinos that allow players easy access at any time of the day, and in addition to relaxation, they can also earn money if they are lucky.

Many people wonder which is the easiest and which is the hardest casino game for beginners. It is very difficult to answer this question but to begin with, we will state the main division of games, which is random and board games. Random games are games in which the player has absolutely no influence on the game and the chances of winning are equal to the chances of losing – therefore, the game is played purely on luck.

The most famous type of random game is certainly the slot and today there are dozens of different slot games that will interest even the most demanding players. The good thing about these games is that in addition to the regular chance to win, players also have the chance to win the jackpot, which is sometimes in six figures.


When we talk about table games, blackjack and poker are certainly one of the most popular. However, these games can be difficult for a beginner, because concentration and mathematical skills are necessary. Basically, a player increases his chances of winning if he follows the game closely, counts cards, follows the facial expression of other players if he is playing in a land casino, and has the power of quick calculation. This is the kind of game that cannot be played by chance. There are also many developed strategies that players use in the game to improve their chances to win.

When you are just starting out with games, your access to the online casino is much more important than the game you will choose. It all starts with choosing a place to entrust your time and money. Considering that the Internet is a place that makes our everyday life easier, but it is also a place full of scams, especially when money is at stake, a great deal of caution is necessary. Try to find out from several sources which casinos have proven to be the most reliable. Once you’ve made your shortlist, do a little research – look for reviews, and check which casino the players are happy with. One very important thing when choosing is whether the casino is licensed, which is very easy to determine because the license is usually highlighted at the bottom of the page.

Pay attention to the logo and name of the casino, because even the slightest mistake can redirect you to another, fake site, after which your money will simply disappear from your account.


At the beginning of this article, we wrote about the types of games and which are the hardest. Now it’s time to write which one is the most profitable, which, we believe, is exactly what every new player is interested in. Random games often don’t have big payouts, but that’s why you have the opportunity to play without pressure and maybe even win the jackpot, which can be quite high. What goes in favor of slot games are the various types of bonuses that every player gets, such as welcome bonus, no deposit bonus, free spins, and many others.

Comparing online casinos and traditional ones, we come to the conclusion that we will be able to find a much larger selection of games online, and at the same time access them much faster and easier. And of course, what is particularly attractive are the payouts, which are higher than those in land ones. Click here to learn more about it. Maybe this sounds too good to be true because you play from anywhere at any time, and you can fully enjoy in the comfort of your home, but it really is. There is also a logical reason why the payouts are higher – land casinos have much more expenses such as renting and arranging space, paying workers, maintenance, and bills.

When we talk about the payout, you will agree that blackjack is a card game that is based on the skill of the players, and this leads us to the conclusion that it is possible to come out as a winner from this game. It is very important to familiarize yourself with the game in detail before trying to implement some of the strategies, especially those that are somewhat more complicated. Many strategies are so simple and created to be accessible to inexperienced players, and knowledge can be further improved on them.


Many people think that it is difficult to win in video poker, but in fact, just like in blackjack, you need to have tactics. Poker, like blackjack, requires a lot of intelligence and social skills from the player because it requires you to outplay your opponents even in situations where you don’t have stronger cards than them.

We come to a few more things that must not be ignored in the game, no matter how unimportant they may seem to you. The first and basic rule is that you should not think of gambling as a lifestyle, but as an activity that will relax you when you need it. Therefore, gambling should not and should not be your main occupation. While playing your favorite game, try not to consume alcohol or anything that could affect your judgment. Never play when you are in a bad mood because usually, those are the moments when the player surrenders to the game without thinking about the consequences, which, you will admit, can be quite serious. And of course, one of the best pieces of advice every player can get is – never invest more than you are ready to lose.