Have you ever wished that you could change the layout of your home without having to knock down walls? Well, we have the perfect solution for you – hidden doorways! With a hidden doorway, not only can you surprise friends and family but also create a magical new dimension in your home. Read on to find out more about this amazing and increasingly popular design trend!

The modern interior of the dwelling will look more stylish with the use of hidden doorways. The design of the room becomes clearer and the impression of unity of book doors with other elements of furniture is created. These hidden doorways are ideal for creating a feeling of enlarged space. Also hidden doors are perfect for equipping a secret room.

The doorway has a hidden design, invisible to the eye. It is quite difficult for a person who is not aware of the existence of the door to notice the invisible gap between the furniture and the leaf. Standard hardware, of course, will stand out against the general background. In order to make hidden doorways be unnoticeable to a bystander, you can pick up a modern invisible handle.

Concealed doors: advantages


This design is the best option for creating a hidden closet, a hidden room. In modern design trends, this is quite a common product, which has the following advantages over the rest of the web:

  1. Easy installation. With the same color scheme of the hidden doorways and the wall in which they are mounted, the transition will not be noticeable.
  2. The strength of the product. The framework of the leaf is made of quality aluminum, which increases their durability in operation.
  3. Hidden doors are absolutely silent in use.
  4. The room will remain soundproofed.
  5. The design of the door is chosen according to individual preferences.
  6. It will not be difficult to take care of the hidden doorways. It is not recommended to wipe the doors with detergents with an aggressive composition. If you follow the simple rules of care, the door surface will maintain its original appearance for a long period.

To make it inconspicuous, you can paint the doors in the closet or secret room in the tone of the walls. To highlight the canvas, it is recommended to use bright contrasting shades.

Hidden doorways are mounted on hidden hinges for practical, safe use, with the hardware sashes inside the frame. Hidden doorways use pivoting, swinging, or sliding mechanisms without the addition of handles.

How to open hidden doorways


There are three types of hidden doorways:

  • one-sided;
  • two-sided;
  • hinged.

The one-sided version is narrow, able to disguise the door solely from the outside.

The two-sided sliding design has a different thickness, aluminum frame. The design of the leaf is chosen individually.

Hidden doorways are widely popular. They are used in dwelling houses and office premises.

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