There is one thing that pediatricians repeat over and over again, and that is that the way babies are fed is very important. It is necessary to give them natural milk from the mother, but also to give other additional types of food that will give them healthy and carefree growth and development in the first days of life. The food must be as natural as possible, but it is also important that it is of organic origin, that is, that it is of verified and safe origin. One such type of baby food is Hipp ORGANIC COMBIOTIC with Metafolin which is recommended for all babies as a safe and nutritious option.

HiPP ORGANIC COMBIOTIC is a baby food that is made from organic ingredients. This formula is enriched with vitamins, minerals, and probiotics, which are critical for the baby’s development. This formula is also easy to digest and is gentle on the stomach. HiPP ORGANIC COMBIOTIC is an excellent choice for parents who want to give their child the best possible nutrition. It is a choice for a large part of parents from all over the world, and it should certainly be your choice for the growth and development of your child. That is why it is necessary to choose quality, to choose a product of organic origin, and a product that will bring many benefits to your child.

The best part is that HiPP has newly Introduced this, and it has one key ingredient Metafolin. Let us discuss Metafolin so you can make an informed decision about the best infant milk for your baby.

What Is Metafolin?


Metafolin is a form of vitamin B9 that is found in nature. It is also known as 5-methyltetrahydrofolate (5-MTHF) or levomefolate. Metafolin is the most bioactive form of folate. The body more easily absorbs it than other forms of folate.

Metafolin has many potential health benefits, including supporting cognitive function, reducing inflammation, and reducing homocysteine levels. Metafolin may also help to prevent congenital disabilities and certain types of cancer. With all these advantages, each of the parents should take into account the benefit of this vitamin, but should also take into account the usefulness and nutrition of the baby formula, which is of high quality and can only give benefit the health of each baby. Researchers say that this baby food is perhaps the best thing that has been produced so far, and for that reason, a large number of pediatricians are informed about such research and give recommendations to parents.

While metafolin is found in some foods, it is difficult to get enough from diet alone. Supplementing with metafolin can ensure that you get enough of this critical nutrient. Its importance for the body is great, therefore it is important to be part of the diet of babies and small children to build a strong organism and strong immunity that will protect them throughout their life.

Role Of Metafolin


There are a few different functions of Metafolin that people should be aware of. You can find out this important information only if you go through the large number of extensive researches that are publicly available, but in order not to go through that whole process, we have compiled it and brought it to you as reliable and verified information that will give you knowing how big the advantage of Hipp formula is over all other options that exist on the market. One is that it helps the body create new red blood cells, essential for transporting oxygen throughout the body.

Healthy Nourishment

Bone health is also a very important area to pay attention to. Metafolin can also help to keep bones healthy and strong, as well as improve cognitive function. Cancer is a topic that has been talked about a lot in recent years and it is important to prevent the appearance of this condition in everyone’s body. Additionally, Metafolin helps prevent some types of cancer.

Role In Blood Synthesis

Metafolin is vital for blood formation in babies. Folic acid is essential for cell growth and helps prevent birth defects in the brain and spine. All women of childbearing age should get 400 to 800 micrograms of folate (or folic acid) a day.

Role In DNA synthesis


Metafolin helps with the making of DNA. It is a form of folic acid that is important for the proper development of the neural tube. Metafolin helps ensure that the neural tube develops appropriately, which can help prevent certain diseases in babies. It is important to properly develop the body and organisms of children, and for that reason, it is necessary to buy food that will bring advantages for them that will allow and provide them with proper growth and development in the first years of life.

Production Of Cells

It is equally essential for babies, the quantity differs, but the importance stays the same. It aids in protein synthesis and cell growth. It also helps produce red blood cells and white blood cells. All these are important for your baby’s immune system.

Prevention Of Anemia

Anemia is a condition with which many children have a problem from an early age. Anemia is a condition in which the blood is weak, and it is necessary to prevent it. You can help and prevent this condition by using Hipp baby food that offers the possibility to prevent the occurrence of anemia. Metafolin can help prevent anemia, a common side effect of folic acid deficiency. Metafolin is a safe and effective way to get the folic acid your body needs.

It is crucial to make sure that the blood clotting process works properly. It also helps with homocysteine metabolism (a protein in the blood).

Key Takeaway


According to Organic Life Start, Hipp formula takes the health and proper nourishment of your young one very seriously. They have included this vital ingredient in their new Organic Combiotic formula. If you want what’s best for your child, give them HiPP formulas with Metafolin. In this way, you will give your child proper growth and development, but also allow him to build immunity and a healthy and vital organism.