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Quality education is necessary for the holistic growth of a child. A good education teaches them life-critical skills which makes them capable of facing any tough situation in life. Each child has a different learning rate. Some are fast learners while others take the time to understand the concepts. Either of these children can opt for private coaching. Fast learners can take extra classes to learn additional subjects as per their interest.

The slow learners need a coaching program to cope up with the school curriculum. As part of private coaching, online tutoring has become very popular. Various platforms like Coursera, edX, Udemy, etc. that offer online classes at affordable prices. These courses can be done in the comfort of your home. Hence, many students prefer online tutoring.

Many parents are opting for online tutoring services such as Etutorworld for their children due to many benefits and flexibility options. Some of the reasons why parents are switching to online tutoring are:


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An online tutoring class can be taken from the comfort of your home, so you don’t need to drive your child to a coaching class. A lot of commute time is saved and can be utilized for some productive engagements. Moreover, the class timings can be set as per your child’s free time and availability of an online tutor. If your child is taking an online course, then he or she can watch the course videos at any time. Thus, there is zero possibility of your child missing a lecture. Moreover, online tutors are always available for answering doubts as this is their primary job.

Course Quality

There is a high demand for online courses and tutors nowadays. Many experienced lecturers from across the globe have started offering their services through tutoring and one of which is Study Mind. You can talk with the lecturer and take a few of their classes to see if you would want to continue or not. The competition in the digital tutoring market has attracted universities as well. Famous universities have also created online courses for children to take on their university portals. The quality of these courses is impeccable. So, if you are unable to find a good tutor in your locality, you have the entire globe to search for the best faculty.

Periodic progress updates

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One of the most important benefits of online tutoring is that you get your child’s progress reports periodically. Generally, a weekly frequency is set to share progress reports. You can also participate in monthly or quarterly conference calls to go through your child’s progress. Some tutoring portals have created a dashboard for parents which displays the performance metrics. This metric can be tracked from time-to-time to get an idea of your child’s performance.

Better student-teacher interaction

A school class has around 30 odd students in a session. Asking questions or doubts isn’t easy for a child. If your child is an introvert, he or she won’t speak up in such a scenario. Thus, the doubts go unaddressed. This can affect your child’s performance and learning takes a toss. Online tutoring is mostly done on a one-to-one basis; hence children have the entire session to clear doubts. This increases their confidence and helps them in getting through the rest of the school year. Under-stimulated children reach their full potential with the help of a tutoring program.

Structured learning

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The shift towards digital communications is the new trend. Creating courses for children can be done in a structured format which is easy for them to follow. The concepts are taught with examples and the child gets to practice them in the session itself. Moreover, the teaching process is done in steps instead of big chapters being taught at once. The learning process becomes simple and the child gets ample time to practice exercises before the next session.

Comfortable learning pace

The classroom teachers have to stick to the school curriculum and course completion deadlines. This impacts the teaching quality and puts pressure on children to complete the homework within strict timelines. In online tutoring, on the other hand, children are free to learn concepts at their own pace. They are not forced to complete the homework within timelines. This gives them more control over their learning process. A free mind has a better grasping power than a stressed one.

Different experience

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The online tutoring sessions don’t feel like learning in a classroom or learning center. Due to the relaxed environment, the students are more receptive to learning. There are no distractions as these are one-on-one sessions. Your child will have the undivided attention of the tutor. Thus, he or she will be able to learn at a faster rate.

Comfort to parents

If your child has a dedicated tutor, then you wouldn’t have to worry about his or her studies or homework. The child won’t bug you for any help in the class assignments. You will get ample time to finish your house chores or relax while the tutor takes care of all the study related needs of your child. You just have to keep track of the progress at the end of every month.

Improved study habit

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With the help of tutoring your child will learn study habits that are essential for life. Since the classes are held regularly, your child will become more disciplined. The right learning pace builds confidence in your child. He or she will no longer feel embarrassed in the class among friends. Independence and responsibilities will help your child grow personally. All these qualities will prepare your child to face the hardships of life with confidence.

Prepares your child for college

In colleges, students have to study on their own. The structured learning process of online tutoring teaches a child to make their study plans and manage time. These skills are critical for surviving in college. Through tutoring, these habits become part of your child’s learning process.

The traditional tutoring style cannot match the flexibility and convenience of online tutoring. Get your child enrolled in an online tutoring class for his or her benefit.