Gambling has been in existence for quite an extended period. It could be dated as far as centuries AD. Gambling used to be done between just two individuals with folks surrounding them, cheering for the winner and waiting to book the loser.

As of now, there have been many changes in the general overview of what gambling entails. Thanks to technology, many modifications that have now enhanced how to gamble, where to gamble, and what to gamble have also been established. Dice was a mere tool in fortune-telling, but as of today, dice is now widely used to play several board games in online casinos.

The first established casino


The first thought that might have come to your mind is painting the famous Las Vegas with an old-fashioned on-land casino. Some might even go as far as online casinos. Well, the first casino was not the latest online casino with buzzing and brings. It’s not in Las Vegas as well. It wasn’t the first impression kind of casino as it’s simple and less flamboyant. It was situated in Venice on the Grand Canal. Yes, you guessed right! It’s the Casino de Venezia.

This casino used to be a theater established in the year 1638. The theatre has a gambling wing which used to be open whenever a movie is playing. It soon became famous not for the movie theatre but the gambling. This was how the history of on-land casinos started. The establishment of over 120 casinos was recorded before the year 1744 in Venice.

The history of the on-land casino is never complete without mentioning the Casino de Venezia. It is the first on-land established casino and other on-land casinos draw their history from her.

Evolution of casinos into the 18th century


It took a while before the casino evolved past Venice. Be sure to note that before 1744, there were already over 120 on-land casinos around Venice and none in other parts of the world. In the 18th century, more casino houses were built in Wiesbaden, Monte Carlo, and Baden-Baden. Soon, mainland Europe became famous for establishing casino houses not just for gambling alone but also for connecting and making friends amongst neighboring inhabitants. One of the strategies adopted by casino house owners was to make sure the building is as sophisticated as possible. The assumption was to build the houses such that it looks like a palace. It helps to make gamblers feel rich to play like the elite even though most of them are not. It was more like the gamblers were being played by casino owners.

Evolution into America, Las Vegas


The history of casino houses is never complete without mentioning Las Vegas. The history behind casinos and Las Vegas could be traced to the laying of rails between Los Angeles and Salt Lake City. The workers working these rails started casino dens in the Nevada desert as of then. The famous Las Vegas now used to be notorious for acts like prostitution and gambling in 1905.

All these continued, and between 1910 and 1931, authorities tried regulating the growth of gambling. However, there were secret underground gambling sites all over Nevada set up to bring all activities to how it used to be before regulation during these periods.

In 1931, they made gambling legal, but even before this, it was already full-blown. In 1941, the very first money resort (El Rancho Vegas) was built. It was initially built as a hotel where moguls could rest at night while gamblers searched for underground casino tables to play pokers and board games. El Rancho soon became the citadel of gambling. There was almost nothing a gambler could wish for that wasn’t in El Rancho. Swimming pools and horse riding were also available. There was one roulette wheel for gamblers, almost 70 slot machines, one crap table, and two blackjack tables. After El Rancho, several other on-land casinos were established. They all birthed the Las Vegas we know today as one of the leading gambling cities worldwide.

Casinos in the 1990s


The 1990s saw the beginning of online casinos. Just when the internet became functional, casinos began going live online as well. Although, there were significant setbacks, especially regarding the issue of compatibility. It became very serious for online gamblers to enjoy the thrills of gambling like those on on-land casinos. Some of the games available for online gamblers were pokers and bingo, all to be played for real money. More games began registering online with improvement in sound, quality, and general operations over time. With the evolution of casinos online, it means anybody can now gamble anywhere at any time.

Mobile gambling and Cryptocurrency


The online casino has taken a new turn with mobile gambling compatibility. Unlike before, gambling or accessing online casino platforms via mobile is somewhat impossible. With the new integration, you can now gamble on the go with your mobile devices. In case you are searching for an online casino platform with compatibility with mobile devices we recommend you to go directly to the point and visit sites like Casino Genie, because they review the best casino options for you to make the right choice.

Since most online gambling platforms now support mobile devices’ compatibility, it has bought gambling closer than ever. With this development, Cryptocurrency and gambling now seem to be the next evolution to gambling. We now have gambling platforms where you can gamble with digital currencies. Technology, in a nutshell, has contributed immensely to the evolution of gambling worldwide.

Cryptocurrency integrated into gambling now allows gamblers to withdraw and deposit money without a third-party financial institution. You can now stay anonymous on an online casino. Anonymity was never part of the characteristic of on-land casinos. The opposite was the case. But with technology, the advantages of staying anonymous on online casinos became welcomed and accepted by most gamblers. Anonymity makes it possible for anybody to deposit and withdraw funds on online casinos without the other person knowing what you are up to. Hence, the future of gambling lying directly in the hands of technology.