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Whether you love playing sports or do it on a more serious note, we still need hobbies to take us away from our main focus every once in a while.
Hobbies are nothing more than things we do to help fill up the weekend. Since we cannot do our job 24 hours a day 7 days a week, nor do we want to, we need something to take the mind off and rejuvenate for when the time for work comes.

In the context of this article, we’ll be talking about hobby ideas that appeal to sports enthusiasts. What’s even more interesting is that we’ve done our research on the hobbies that some of the world’s greatest sports athletes do. So, sit back and enjoy this article.

1. Roller Skating

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For the flair player and the quick maestro, roller skating is a great way to do something out of the ordinary. While roller skating isn’t remotely a traditional sport, it does have elements of some gymnastics.
This is also a hobby that doesn’t really come to mind, seeing that it takes one mistake and there go your leg bones. But roller skating is actually a hobby that will complement your footwork ability.
Rajon Rondo has openly talked on how this “sport” has helped him improve his footwork and be faster.

2. Photography

This one is very strange as no one would associate sports with photography. While the camera is regularly pointed at sports athletes, it’s actually the photographers who do the work, not the other way around.
But, regardless, we’re still talking about hobbies and it can be anything. But why exactly photography?
Well, if you happened to love traveling and do it every once in a while, it could become a very interesting hobby. Taking pictures of your travels is very fun and encourages you to do so again.
Also, this is quite a relatable thing people do. Since everyone literary owns a smartphone nowadays, you don’t even need a professional camera to stand out.
While you should always get one if you’re thinking about expanding your scope, an ordinary smartphone will do sufficient justice.

3. Bowling

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What better way to loosen up with the buddies after a game than to go bowling?
Bowling is kinda a sport, but one that everyone can get behind. There is something special about bowling in regards to what it can offer the player.
Bowling has been cemented and deeply rooted in our culture. Can you tell us the number of movies and TV shows where the main protagonists have went bowling? Yeah, we’d lose count.
But bowling also has the potential to be a fun activity involving everyone on the team. This hobby is so great that you can turn it into a team hobby and make it a tradition after each game.

4. Collecting Trading Pins

Can you name us an older hobby, regardless of whether you’re a sports enthusiast or not, than collecting trading pins?
If you thought bowling was something the American people love doing, boy wait till you see how many people will actually pay for collectible trading pins.
But, as with anything, this hobby appeals to baseball enthusiasts more than anyone else. Do you want to know the best thing about it? You can do it online on a service called
What you can do here is actually order your very own custom trading pins that can be added into your super vast collection. They have everything from baseball player pins to team pins, to vintage, little leagues, etc.

5. Lego Collecting

When it comes to yet another hobby that baseball superstar Jason Hamell of the Chicago Cubs likes to do, Lego collecting isn’t something exclusive to children.
If a professional baseball player can do it, so can you. But regardless, this is a very popular hobby around the globe. And would you know it, grown men like doing it a lot.
The best thing about it?

Your options are endless and limitless since Lego is a company that regularly dishes out collectibles. Options include anything from Batman, Lord of the Rings, Marvel, Star Wars, Disney-themed pieces, etc.

6. Painting

If sometimes your part-time sports job gets on your nerves, then you should probably find a way to loosen up.
As it turns out, painting is something that can take your mind of things and put you in a better place for the time being. Some of the greatest people in the world have in fact been painters. These are the people that have had the intellectual and creative spark to create the world’s best art.
But if you like painting, you shouldn’t compare yourself to them. You’re only in it for the release, or maybe because you’re pretty good at it?
Regardless of which, painting is a hobby that everyone should definitely try at least once in their lifetime. It does require creativity to create something stunning, but creativity is also something everyone can work on.

7. Shoe Collecting

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By far the most expensive hobby on this list, shoe collection isn’t for everyone.
While you’ll regularly see a report on social media of a famous sports player and his shoe collection, we can only but dream of having that many options for a night out.
This is exactly the case for Utah Jazz player Joe Johnson. Not only does Johnson love collecting shoes, but his arsenal bolsters and an impressive number of 500 shoes. Want to know what’s missing in all this? That number was quoted by Johnson in an interview with ESPN back in 2011. Yes, that’s right, 2011! No doubt Johnson has managed to grown his impressive collection in 9 years ever since.

While these are some hobbies that we’ve singled out for sports enthusiasts, there are many more that don’t really choose the profession or likings.
You can work anything under the sun and still collect baseball pins or Lego’s. Also, you could really find something that will have meaning to you. This could be something that will be unique to yourself in your own mind and serve as an inspiration.