Wearing clean and shiny clothes is a wonderful habit as it reflects directly on your confidence and personality. So it would be best if you kept your clothes clean, but people wash them more frequently in this rush to keep them stain-free. This frequent washing of garments results in weakening fabrics and a fall in cloth quality.

So in this article we would discuss a method of cleaning which is known as Dry cleaning and how frequent should dry cleaning be done on the garment.

What Is Dry Cleaning?

Dry cleaning is a process in which the clothes are cleaned with a series of procedures that makes it easier to remove excess dirt from the clothes and make them look new. At the same time, in dry cleaning, the cleaner looks through various things in the clothing, including a thorough inspection for any tear in the clothing or a permanent stain.

The stains are pre-treated with a chemical solution and then washed with extreme delicacy.

When washed, these garments are dried and ironed, giving them a completely new look. But the issue with this process of dry cleaning is that it is an intense process, and repeated clothing processes can affect its fabric quality.

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Why Is There A Need For Dry Cleaning?


Some clothes like jackets, coats, and pants have a heavy fabric that standard cleaning methods cannot clean. The major issue with these fabrics is that it has massive interlocking, which often results in the settling of detergents in the clothing, which can result in degrading fabric quality and skin irritations.

So you would find a label titled “Dry Cleaning only” for such clothes because if this would clean them normally, it would further degrade their fabric strength. Some other clothes too are to be washed in hot or lukewarm water, or they start losing their shine over time, and soon you might find a massive fall in their size or quality. It’s always a good choice to rely on experts for consultation before you plan on cleaning a cloth.

Factors To Be Kept In Mind While Dry Cleaning

you must keep certain specifications in cloth quality in mind while you are planning to dry clean your clothes. These are the core qualities of the cloth which determine the lifespan and shine life of the particular cloth.

Fabric Quality


There are various types of fabrics based on their interlinking and their softness, the silk and velvet garments are considered one of the softest types of clothes, and they require special care and attention. On the other hand, you must also carefully clean some hard surface clothes. Else they would start shredding strands which would affect the quality of cloth.


The frequency of usage of clothes affects their product life; therefore, the cleaning procedure also changes based on them. The fits worn frequently like shirts, pants, and normal wear are washed normally whereas the garments and jackets which are worn rarely require dry cleaning. Proper maintenance and cleaning make it easier to handle your clothes for longer durations.

Temperature Conditions

The physical conditions of a place affect the shelf life of the clothes; if the temperature is high, clothes need frequent cleaning, whereas, in the colder regions, the clothes can remain unwashed for longer times.



The type of stain also plays a major role in deciding the suitable cleaning; if you can remove the stain easily with a chemical mixture, it can be cleaned with normal cleaning. If the stain is of the permanent type, then you must treat the stain, and then the cloth has to be cleaned to remove the stain completely.

Tips For Dry Cleaning

Certain tips and tricks would enhance your level of cleaning and make it easier for you to increase the product life of your garments, and these tips are listed below.

  • The stains are to be treated with extreme care, so you must not rub or spread the stain as it makes cleaning tougher; you must always blot them and treat them at a single point.
  • Wait for the outfits to get dried fully, and do not iron garments with humidity as this might affect the fabric quality.
  • Whenever you pack the seasonal clothes back into the wardrobe, you must ensure that you dry and clean them thoroughly, iron them, and then keep them in the wardrobe.
  • Sometimes people forget their clothes hanging in the sunlight which results in fall of the shine of clothes and also affects its quality so you must ensure that these garments are not over exposed to sunlight.
  • Check clothes for the ones which release colour on being washed and wash them separately; always wash white ones differently.
  • When you dry clean and iron shirts, you must directly hang them on the hangers, which keeps them in the perfect shape.
  • Do not apply deodorants directly on the shirt as it might lose its color.
  • Get different dry cleaning detergents for clothes like jackets and rugs. They have a stiff fabric that has to be cleaned with extreme precision.
  • After a sweaty, please do not wait for another turn and wash your garments instantly, or a foul odor will develop in them, affecting the cloth quality.
  • Formals must be cleaned after three times of use because they are mostly velvet fabric, and frequent washing could make them lose their shine and look degraded.


Keeping your garments in the best condition is the requirement for the prolonged quality life of your clothes. So you must ensure that you get them dry cleaned when needed and in the perfect manner. The knowledge of detergents required for a particular set of clothes also plays a major role as it allows users to take care of the fabric.

You can also rely on experts and laundry services to maintain your clothes’ top-notch quality.