So, you’ve had your dream car in mind for ten years now, and you always said to yourself that when you landed your dream job, or had a certain amount of money in the bank, that you would splash out and get it. However, you don’t want to go through a dealer to find the right one.

You might also have been waiting for the perfect model of your dream car to come out as well so that it has all the bells and whistles. While you’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time, this doesn’t mean that you should just spend your hard-earned money blindly. Let’s talk about what to look for when buying a car privately without going through a dealer.

1. Make Sure They’ve Repaired it


So, you’ve had a look at the car already, and you’re feeling pretty good about it. However, you’ve noticed that it’s in good condition, not in great condition. There are two different kinds of car repairs – those that are superficial, and those that will affect whether your vehicle will run for a long time or not.

Make sure that you get the lowdown on what repairs they have undertaken, and what still needs to be done. If there’s anything major, and they’re charging a lot for it still, ask them if they’d be willing to get it repaired before they hand it over. When you buy privately, it’s easier to have these types of conversations.

2. Is it Accident-Proof?


Again, you might have chosen the make and model of your dream car when you were a lot younger and didn’t put as much time and effort into thinking about the practicalities. While your dream car might look great from the outside, how good is it going to be at keeping you safe in the event of an accident?

This is why it’s important to know your dream car’s crash test rating. The better your car’s crash test rating is, the less money you’ll have to pay for its insurance. Whether you get into a fender bender or a major crash, having a car with a good crash test rating is better than one that looks good.

3. What’s the Warranty?


Your dream car might be brand spanking new, but does it come with a warranty that can see you through the first couple of years of owning it? If not, then you might want to lower your expectations and consider finding your dream car second-hand.

Another way to make sure that the car you’re looking at is the one you want before you buy it is to virtually check it out. EvoxImages is the source to look at a car photo or two that can show your dream car sitting in your driveway. This way, you can envision what it’s going to look like, and know that you’re making the right decision.

4. What’s It Made From?


While our last point is also about safety, you can never be safe enough when it comes to getting into a car. This is why it’s important to know what it’s made from, as well as its crash test rating.

A lot of car manufacturers these days will construct vehicles from lighter materials so that they’re more fuel-efficient. However, this isn’t going to help you in a crash scenario.

You want your dream car – but is it really your dream car if it doesn’t pass the muster, and can you really get it through a private sale? Make sure you do your homework and feel confident about your purchase before you go through with it.

Pros and Cons of Buying a Car from a Private Seller

Purchasing a brand new car that we always dreamed about is the goal that we all have. Unfortunately, not all people will manage to reach their goal. Lack of money is the reason why some people decide on buying a car from a private seller. Purchasing a used car is a good alternative only if you do things in the right way. That is the reason why we want to talk about the pros and cons of buying a car from a private seller. The lists we prepared for you will tell you if purchasing a used car is a good or bad thing for you.

Pros of Buying a Car from a Private Seller


The biggest benefit of all is the price. You will not have to spend a fortune to purchase a car. However, that also means that price should not be the only factor you should follow. Despite that, purchasing a used car from a dealer is going to be more expensive. There is no reason to spend more money on the same model of car that you always dreamed about.

Despite that, you will not have to wait for a while to reach the agreement. Private sellers are trying to find the fastest way to get rid of their vehicles. However, that is the moment when you should be careful. You need to be sure that everything with the car you want to purchase is fine. Because of that, read the list of tips we provided you with once again. We have the same suggestions for buying used cars from private sellers as well.

Cons of Buying a Car from a Private Seller


It is not going to be easy for you to collaborate with a complete stranger. That is the reason why you should think about your safety. Meet the stranger in public places and ask someone to come with you. In that way, you can be sure that you will remain safe.

Despite that, you will have to forget about every type of warranty because it doesn’t exist in this case. You won’t get some certifications about the vehicle that you will potentially purchase. It is your task to ensure that everything is fine with the vehicle you are purchasing. Always consult with experts when you are purchasing a used car. Check if all car parts are working fine and see if you need to invest additional money.

Some private sellers will try to hide the disadvantages of the cars they are selling. They will try to raise the price in that way and make a better profit out of them. Be smart and do not allow bad people to trick you.