Don’t assume that your child is okay. Make sure their backpack isn’t too heavy. Try to keep it lighter. Overloading can cause serious health problems. Check the contents regularly. Remove unnecessary items. Let them carry what they need. Too many books and essentials can make them uncomfortable. Plus, it can heighten their risk for spinal and back injuries. Choose the right size. Get your backpack from

Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you keep your child’s backpack lighter and safer.


Put your child’s backpack on a scale. Check if it weighs more than 10 to15 percent of its body weight. If so, then you’re in a bad range. Adjust the contents of the backpack to fit the required range. Here are practical tips to help you get the backpack to a safer weight:


Pack what’s necessary. Figure out which supplies they need to carry that day. Don’t pack things that won’t be used on that particular day. That will only strain your child and heighten their risk of falling or developing other health complications.

Inspect the backpack regularly to see if they’re carrying too many items. De-clutter to remove the excess load. This will go a long way in improving their overall well-being.



Make sure it’s the right size. Purchase a backpack that’s well-suited to your child’s needs. Ensure that it sits three inches above their hips. It’s also imperative to buy a backpack with wider straps, as well as, padded backs. Narrow straps can dig into your kid’s shoulders and interfere with blood circulation. And this could eventually lead to tingling and numbness in their arms.


Ensure that your child utilizes both straps. Using one strap can cause severe back and shoulder pain. Position the contents strategically. Heavier items should be placed nearer the child’s body. This will ensure that they don’t lose balance while running or swinging around.

Make it Fun

Another option is to consider purchasing a rolling backpack. Let your kid put stylish stickers on it to make them feel proud carrying it. Ask them if they’re comfortable with the backpack. Find out if they’re experiencing any form of pain or tingling in their back.

Explain that carrying a heavy backpack could end up causing severe physical damage. If you notice any kind of discomfort, don’t ignore it. That could be a sign of overloading and unevenly distributed weight. Make sure these problems are rectified early on to prevent serious problems in the future.

Modern Technology


Technology has completely transformed the education sector. Today, large textbooks have been replaced with computerized devices such as tablets and laptops. Your child doesn’t have to carry too many books to school. You can simply get him/her a laptop and they’ll be good to go. This will significantly reduce their backpack load and make it easier for them to move around.

The Bottom-Line

Not only can heavy backpacks cause discomfort but they can also cause severe health problems. If your child carries excess weight for too long, they might develop serious spinal and shoulder problems.