You have set lots of goals and created ambitious plans. Now you feel that you do not want to do anything at all! Your lack of motivation to study or make your career is a barrier on your way to success.

What makes you so indifferent? A lot of students ask this question when it comes about their inability to focus on the tasks to do. They do different assignments and take part in every activity; however, then they suddenly realize that they have lost all their energy. It becomes evident in their attitude to responsibilities and, of course, in the grades they get. However, the problem affects not only academic performance but also other areas.

It may be exhausting to do endless reading and research. It is such a drag to study and do lots of home assignments in all the courses. Still, there are so many issues to solve in your personal life that you can never feel absolutely relaxed and happy.


So, now you have got a task to do, but you cannot make yourself even read the instructions. You have started considering the option of downloading some sample online or buying custom essays from some companies, such as First of all, try to be critical and find at least one reason why you have lost your motivation. After that, you will need to get your motivation back and that will require a specific plan.

You have suddenly realized that you have been lying on the sofa for the last two hours, looking through the photos of travel agencies. The only thing you can dream about now is getting away from the boring routine and having fun somewhere in another corner of the world. Unfortunately, this escape plan does not sound very realistic as eventually you will have to get back. You just cannot drop everything you are doing and start a new life. Or can you? We are almost certain that you have given a negative answer. So, it is high time you started thinking about how to ensure proper motivation for your travel to success.

Have you failed in anything lately? It could have made your enthusiasm slip away easily. Can you make yourself focus now? Let’s start thinking about what you can do to help yourself!

How to Boost Motivation: Effective Tips

Reward Yourself!


It sounds like a joke but it is a nice idea to get a bribe for self-motivation. So, if you set some milestone and decide on a special treat for yourself if you achieve your set goal, it is a productive strategy. If you know that you will complete several paragraphs of writing and then get a cup of coffee or a candy, you will be motivated to work a bit faster, won’t you?

Now you are somewhere in the middle of an exam period, feeling tired and unhappy. Promise that you will call your friend, listen to a funny song, get a chocolate bar as a snack, or take a walk. Breaks are important! You have a hobby, so you can practice it for half an hour. Even a YouTube clip is fine as a way to relax if you are sure that you will watch only one and then put your smartphone aside. Having finalized all the tests and passed all exams, you can watch lots of episodes of your favorite show, go out with your friends, play video games for hours, or be active on social media.

No matter which reward you get: some minutes of playing the violin, a 5-minute walk, a game on the smartphone, or a snack, it will motivate you perfectly well.

A productive “chunking down” technique is based on the approach of pleasant breaks used for rewarding.

Set Goals

You need to take effort if you want to reach some results. If your goals are vague, you cannot be successful – this is an axiom. For instance, you have estimated the time needed to get ready for a certain exam. You are aware that it will take you about three hours. So, your goal is clear for now. Besides, what you need to do is to set clear relation between the goal and completion of a task you need. For example, you have got an assignment to do, and it requires lots of reading and taking notes. You need to set a clear deadline for that stage of completing the task; otherwise, you will waste lots of time and get discouraged.

Clear goals make it understandable for you what you want to do and how you want to do that. You need to develop a plan and it will give you the required guidance on your way to what you are eager to achieve. Do you feel committed and determined? Then take action! Your dreams can never turn into reality if you think only about the obstacles on your way. Let yourself take necessary steps!

Make Changes!


Do not focus only on the tasks that make you depressed. There are things which make you happy and joyful! Why not do them as well? You can take some breaks for sightseeing or going to the parks. You can get inspired at the concerts. You can do whatever makes you feel relaxed!

You have taken a challenging course, and that is great! You will learn a lot and your grades will be fine if you feel enthusiastic about it. Search for interesting topics and your research will bring you joy. Do revising of the learnt material in the park, or simply while walking home from your college!

Boost Your Confidence

You can greatly improve your motivation to study if you visualize how you have already achieved the set goal. You can fancy scoring the goal in the finals, wearing a beautiful dress while you are delivering a speech, or dancing at the prom. Your mind needs to believe that your dreams are realistic.

Your perfect job does exist! What you need to do is to build a connection between what you do and what you want to get. Try to find all possible sources of motivation and reflect on the role you would like to take in your own life.

Build Good Relations with the Society


Depression is always connected with isolation. It is a must for you to stay connected even if you are really exhausted with your studies. If you are active, it is easier for you to get focused on essential goals. Also, the people you love will encourage and support you, making you stronger.

If you feel discouraged in the studies, try to find a cohort of students or like-minded employees who can motivate you. Thus, you will make your professional network wider and even improve the skills you have.


Studies are important as they make you more knowledgeable, creative, and broad-minded. You will be able to make more reasonable decisions and do more for the benefits of the society. Knowledge and skills will let you get a good job and build a bright future. Only educated people can make progress and improve lives of others. The role of technologies nowadays is great, but so is the role of studies. They make people civilized and promote moral values.

Your ideal job will remain a dream if your qualifications are low. You can get started as a teacher, doctor, or engineer only if you have a corresponding degree, while other industries still require good qualifications and skills.