Who doesn’t want clear and glowing skin? While there are several ways to maintain skin health, facial could be one of the most effective ones. Technology has developed, and so have the methods of skin treatment.

Earlier, the use of Traditional facial was in practice. However, as time passed, the method of Hydrafacial was introduced, and it is widely in practice. In the article, we will discuss how Hydrafacial differs from Traditional Facials and what are the pros and cons of both treatments. Read on.

How Hydrafacial Differs from Traditional Facials


Hydrafacial is a skincare treatment and a great way to improve your skin health and boost your appearance. It uses vacuum technology to heal your skin. On the other hand, Traditional Facials emphasize treating the skin manually by cleansing, exfoliating, extracting, and hydrating.

Here are some of the key points where Hydrafacial differs from Traditional Facials.

Technological advancement

Hydrafacial, being a modern technique, uses a machine to treat skin problems. It performs multiple steps like cleansing, extraction, hydration, and exfoliation at once. The machine is designed in a unique way and uses vortex technology.

On the other hand, Traditional Facials use manual cleansing, extraction, hydration, and exfoliation techniques. This facial relies more on on-hand techniques rather than any specialized machines.


In the case of Hydrafacial, there is almost no downtime, and one can directly see the result right after the treatment. However, in the case of Traditional Facials, the results depend on the products and the techniques used.

Those with sensitive skin are likely to experience redness of the skin after Traditional Facial, but it will get back to its normal state after a while.

Customized treatment

Hydrafacial offers you customized options with different serums. This becomes useful when specific concerns of skin problems are to be treated, such as hyperpigmentation, fine lines, or wrinkles.

On the other hand, in the case of Traditional Facials, customizable options are not available as the content of the product used cannot be altered. This may not be a practical solution to a specific skin problem.


In the case of Hydrafacial, people may opt for sessions at regular intervals, such as once in a month or so. Regular treatment ensures the skin’s health is maintained.

On the other hand, people may not opt for traditional facials frequently as it is time-consuming and may not suit all skin types.

Applicability to all ages

In the case of Hydrafacial, the treatment may not be suitable for people of all ages. On the other hand, Traditional Facials are usually suitable for people of all ages. This makes the latter treatment more versatile.

Should you get a Hydrafacial or a Traditional Facial?


Now that we know the difference between a Hydrafacial and a Traditional Facial let us understand the pros and cons of both. We have comprehensively discussed it below.

Pros of Hydrafacial Treatment

These are the pros of using Hydrafacial Treatment.

Reduces acne and restores skin’s firmness

For those who have acne on their face, this treatment can help you reduce them. Hydrafacial treatment uses mechanized techniques to treat skin problems and helps restore the skin’s firmness.

Specific Treatment

One of the important pros of Hydrafacial is that you can treat a specific skin problem. This makes it a versatile option for everyone.

Improves the skin texture

Hydrafacial is designed in a way that it performs multiple processes such as cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, and hydration at the same time. This gives your skin a smooth texture.

Suitable for all skin types

The good thing about Hydrafacial Treatment is – it is suitable for all skin types. Now, you don’t need to worry about your skin type.

Removes dirt and clogs from the pores

If you have clogged skin pores, they can be treated through the Hydrafacial Treatment. Many a time, pores get closed when left untreated. Thanks to the vortex technology that is used to clean dirt and clogs that get accumulated in the pores over time.

Cons of Hydrafacial Treatment


Hydrafacial does have a few cons, and those are mentioned below:

Skin Dryness

Some people may experience skin dryness after the Hydrafacial treatment, but the dryness can be reduced after taking necessary care.

Cost of Treatment

One of the major drawbacks is that some may find the Hydrafacial treatment expensive as it is done through a machine.

Pros of Traditional Facial


These are the pros of Traditional Facial:

Manual Treatment

One of the pros of this treatment is the treatment is done manually. If you are someone who does not entirely trust automated processes or devices, this method may suit you better.

A Relaxing experience

As Traditional Facial is all about on-hand treatment, your face will get massaged and thus improve the blood flow in the skin. This makes the Traditional Facial a relaxing experience.

Different Variety of Products

Unlike Hydrafacial, Traditional facials give the person the freedom to choose the product for skin treatment. This allows an individual to try different products and know which one has the best result.

Affordable Treatment

Unlike Hydrafacial, Traditional Facials do not use complex technology or machines to treat the skin. This makes it an affordable treatment.

Cons of Traditional Facial


These are the cons of Traditional Facial:

May Irritate the Skin

Those with sensitive skin may experience skin irritation as the products or the manual treatment may not suit your skin type well.

Time-consuming process

Traditional Facials are done manually and that is why it is a time-consuming process as compared to the Hydrafacial Treatment.

Inconsistent Result

As Traditional Facial is done manually, people may experience inconsistent results. In some cases, the wrong choice of product may result in inconsistent results.

Final Words

To summarize everything in short, to maintain healthy skin, it is advisable to take care of your skin properly, and facials are an excellent way to do so.

Now that you know what‘s the difference between Hydrafacial and Traditional Facials, you can make a choice between the two and see which one suits you the best.