Contact lenses are used widely around the globe many people who have weak eyesight prefer contact lenses because it is an appropriate way to correct your vision and safe to use for daily purposes unless you are not involved in any hard-core physical activities.

If you don’t take care of your contact lenses and misuse them can lead to serious eye infections and permanent vision loss. So, precaution is better than cure. By considering the facts I have aligned up and mentioned some of the professional tips to wear contact lenses.

If you are interested to learn more about contact lenses then this guide is specially designed for you where you will get to know a lot about contact lenses cure and accurate ways to use them.

So, let’s run down the list;

Never Use Lenses After Their Expiry


You might have observed that every lens has its expiry means if you are wearing daily lenses then don’t use your lenses the next day discard them and if you are using weekly lenses discard them according to their expiry date. Similarly, if you are using monthly lenses then consult your optician after every month. He will remove your lens also, and helps you to wear the new lens.

It is harmful to your eyes to use them against their lifespan limit if you make many efforts to increase their lifespan then you are risking your eye’s health so avoid re-using your contacts beyond their limits.

Never Wear Contact Lenses That Drop on the Floor

That’s highly prohibited and wrong if you still use your lenses if it dropped on the floor, you can’t imagine how much harmful bacteria it carries out and if you still wear them then all the bacteria enter your eye and cause irritation or infection.

Never Miss Follow Up Appointments

It’s necessary to attend all your Follow up appointments and don’t skip any because it’s highly important to monitor your eye health and ensure that you are not having any problems with lenses and accurately wearing them.

Immediately Discard Your Lenses Experience Any Reaction


You need to discard your lenses in case you experience any reaction that causes burning sensation heat, blurry or watery eyes, redness, swallow eyes, itchiness, or pain.

Discard Damaged Lenses

It’s important to understand that scratched, torn or damaged lenses are harmful to your cornea. It harms your eyes by not perfectly fitting in your eye’s curvature so remove them instantly.

Never Use Saliva to Wet Your Lenses

It sounds awful but I have seen some people doing this if they ran off with the solution. if you ever have done this then avoid doing this. Saliva had oral bacteria which is harmful to your eyes.

Never Share Your Lenses With Anyone

You can’t imagine how unhealthy is to share your contact lenses with anyone else. If you do so then you are spreading infection and causing harm to your eyes. Every eye is unique and different from one other.

Wear Lenses After Consulting Any Professional


It is important to remember that don’t use any lenses without consulting with your optician. You will damage the surface of your eye and cause corneal ulcers if you do not follow the instructions completely.

Always Clean Your Hands Before Touching and Wearing Lenses

It’s necessary to clean your hands before touching or wearing your contact lenses. Either wash your hands thoroughly with the soap or clean your hands with tissue paper or a lint-free towel. You should remove all the dirt particles from your hands. In this way, you can avoid the chance of eye infections and irritation.

Frequently Clean Your Lens and Its Case

Lenses are too sensitive and easily got harmed no matter if you are wearing weekly, monthly, or daily lenses. It’s necessary to clean your lens case along with the lenses. For this point, many people recommend you with different suggestions but you need to follow the professional methods. To disinfect your lens, you should use a lens solution to sterilize the lens case or you can also wash your lens with fresh water to make it clean. If you don’t do this then there are high chances that your eyes will get an infection or in severe cases, you might lose your vision.

Choose a Quality Contact Lens Solution

Sometimes it happened due to our negligence we use expired contact lens solutions or used low-quality lensed solutions which are quite harmful to our eyes so, always check for your contact lens solution’s expiry date and quality.

Avoid Direct Contact With Water While Wearing Contact Lenses


People often forget or get lazy to remove their lenses after a long tiring day which is quite wrong. You need to follow some rules and always avoid contact lenses while attracted to the water. The water has some small organisms which are harmful to the eyes and cause infections.

Never Sleep With Your Contact Lenses on

Avoid sleeping with your lenses, sometimes it happened people doze off with contact lenses that arm your eyes and cause any infections, always take off your contact lenses before going to bed.

Follow Your Optician’s Recommendations

It’s great to follow your optician’s recommendation, he will guide you through the replacing schedule of lenses so follow the advice to avoid any problems.

Avoid Wearing Contact Lenses Constantly

Yes! Use a pair of glasses with an updated eyesight number. Sometimes it happened that you got an infection due to constantly wearing contact lenses gives your eyes relaxation by not wearing lenses. it’s great for your eye’s health to wear glasses for one day in a whole week.

Wear Right Side of Contact Lenses


It’s important to wear the right side of contact lenses as if you wear the wrong side It will cause discomfort and cause infections. Also, it affects your vision and damages your eyes. Lenses have laser marking on them to let the wearer recognize if they are inside or out. Markings come usually in the form of letters or numbers.

Final Words

I hope you have understood the complete instructions and use them while wearing contact lenses.