Essays and assignments are among the most common tasks students get. They are on different topics, with different requirements, some more complex than others. Essays are great ways and opportunities to express your ideas in a written form, on different topics. They can help you stand out from the crowd and, why not, get you a good mark.

But if you are among the students that do not have a passion for writing, you might feel overwhelmed by the huge amount of essays you need to write. Some might say that writing is only about talent, but we all know that besides talent, you need a lot of hard work to become an expert at something.

Improving your essay writing skills is a process you can engage in and that will help you become better. There are some tips and tricks that could help you develop your writing skills more, enrich your vocabulary, and learn how to express your ideas coherently. Creating a compelling and powerful essay can indeed be a challenge, but not one that can’t be overcome. It is a long process and you should give yourself the time and space to learn, develop and improve new skills. Start with these tips!



One of the most common pieces of advice is to read. The link between reading and writing is well-known. By reading, you expand your vocabulary and have contact with new writing styles, stories, and maybe emotions. Every writer has his own unique writing style, that of course, can change over time. By reading a wide diversity of books, you open new doors and expand your horizon.

Another place to get some insights on writing is other people’s essays. Look for academic assistance websites, such as CustomEssayMeister, to access various essay samples. While reading, pay attention to how the writer has expressed his ideas, the word choice, sentence structure, and other details that could make a big difference.

Choose to read books that challenge your beliefs and that come with something new. You can choose from romance, sci-fi, tech, personal development, psychology, history, and many more. Just read, because it will help you improve your essay writing skills.

While reading, pay attention to how the writer has expressed his ideas, the word choice, sentence structure, and other details that could make a big difference.



You surely heard the saying “Practice makes it perfect”, which is true. But as a student, you might often find yourself experiencing writer’s block, lacking inspiration, and not having a single idea of how to start the essay. Many students and people have high expectations when they start writing. They imagine they would create the perfect draft in the first 15 minutes, but writing does not go like this.

To become good at something, and later an expert, you need to practice. Even when you don’t feel like writing you need to write. This is because, as long as you work on making writing a habit, it would be easier to write your essays and overcome the lack of inspiration.

You might wonder how to start practicing. And indeed, you can’t start to write chaotically, without a topic or a prompt, without any goal. There are online many essay topics you could choose from and start writing. If this is the specific writing style you want to improve, then select a few topics on SuperiorPapers and start writing. The more you write, the better you will become.

Make an Outline


An essay needs structure and all the ideas should be expressed logically and coherently. The reader needs to easily follow your ideas and understand your message. But before you start writing and researching, you need to know what your ideas on the topic are.

The easiest and most efficient way to organize your ideas and improve your essay writing skills is to always have an outline. This outline should include the basic structure of any essay: the introduction, body, and conclusion. Writing is not only about the actual process of writing, but it includes many adjacent processes. Your writing needs structure, it needs vocabulary, and it needs powerful words. Which draws us to the next point.

Use Powerful Words


After you have a topic, an outline, and some ideas to start with, creativity should be stimulated more. One of the most common mistakes many students make when writing their essays is using plain and boring language. Teachers and other readers are expecting to read ideas that are expressed in a beautiful and ingenious way, not by using lazy words.

Many words could replace basic word structures, that might also be repeated throughout the entire essay. For example, you can replace very short with brief, very colorful with vibrant, or very dear with cherished. Use descriptive words that help give your essay a different feeling and emotion. For example, a happy person could also be joyful, enthusiastic, delighted, glad, or marvelous. Someone energized could also be motivated, focused, invigorated, inspired, or creative. Avoiding repetitions and using lazy words is essential.

Whenever you read your drafts, circle the words that are repeated a lot in your essay and aim to find substitutes. They can be synonyms or idioms. In some cases, you will also need to rephrase the entire sentence. Even though some students see this process as a boring and complex one, it surely helps you improve your essay writing skills and enrich your vocabulary.


Essay writing is about a set of skills that all should be improved and polished. Essay writing is about time management, creativity, and organizational skills as well. But it is also about hard work and practice.

Essays are great opportunities to send your message, feelings, and emotions. But many see essay writing as just writing whatever goes in through your mind and that’s all. Essay writing is about more than this. It is about making an outline and structuring your ideas. It is about reading a wide diversity of book genres. It is about practicing and writing every day. It is about making writing a habit and working on polishing these skills continuously. But most importantly, essay writing is about using powerful words that accurately describe your ideas and points of view.