Are you experiencing difficulties in your sexual performance? A number of men are looking at ways to improve their sexual performance over the internet or taking appointments. Continuous difficulties in sexual acts may bring an end to a strong relationship between couples. You will usually find lots of other ways that guarantee you to stay active on bed using pills but there can be other amazing ways that let you last longer on bed without even having to visit a doctor or a pharmacy.

There can be several factors that directly or indirectly affect your sexual performance on bed such as health problems, medication effects and alcohol intake etc. and some other psychological factors as well such as anxiety, stress, depression and relationship issues etc. Such factors that affect the sexual performance must be eradicated to lead a better sexual life. Since every man wants to lead a better sex life with his partner and looking for ways to improve their sexual performance, snug condoms from play an important role in retrieving their sexual life back and maximizing their sexual performance.

So, in order to improve your sexual performance, 7 sure-fire ways are being listed out below. Have a look:-

1. Always stay active


Being physically active and doing exercises on a daily basis can keep your heart in a good shape always. You can make a daily routine to stay busy at least 30 minutes with rigorous exercises such as swimming or running. These exercises can really be helpful and play a vital role in improving your sexual performance.

2. Consuming fruits and veggies


This is yet another sure-fire way that can improve your sexual performance on bed with your partner. There are certain food items that can assist in enhancing your blood flow. These are onion and garlic, banana which helps greatly in improving your sexual parts and overall performance, chilies and peppers etc.

3. Use of snug condoms


Are you looking forward to improve your sexual performance and maximize pleasure with your partner? Use of snug condoms will be just the best idea to do so. These small sized condoms can help you experience a snug fit that can further make you feel extra sensation and confidence that you have always looked for while having sex.

4. Reduce stress levels

Stress also plays a negative role and deteriorates the sexual life of a man. It affects the overall mind and health of a person considerably. Such high levels of stress can damage your sexual desires and performance by enhancing your heart rate and blood pressure. Reducing the stress is very much significant to improve your overall sexual performance. Exercising is a great way to do so and sharing with your partner about your stress can also help you in getting calm at the same time.

5. Kick out bad habits from your daily life


Always remember that consuming alcohol and smoking on a regular basis can affect your sexual performance in a considerable manner. It may directly affect you to have sexual urges and engage in sexual acts with your partner thereby. So, you should basically try to focus on quitting smoking and alcohol and replace these bad habits with exercises and a good diet that can further assist you in improving and performing better on bed.

6. Masturbate to improve your sexual performance

If you think you are not able to perform better on bed, you should opt to masturbate to enhance the longevity. Masturbation can be the best way to practice sex. But make sure, if you rush to masturbation and do it very often, it can also put a bad impact and reduce your bed time.

7. Paying attention to your partner is equally important


The last but not the least, always do try to pay attention to your partner. You should talk about the sexual desires and discuss with your partner beforehand to make sex last long and more pleasurable. It can really enhance and improve your sexual performance. Moreover, it will also help you in reducing the awkwardness while having sex and thus it will be an extremely enjoyable experience for both of you.

8. Foreplay is must

A lot of men are seen to have believed that sex is all about penetration. Though, the penetration part is necessary to have fun but starting with foreplay can be the best idea. Let your foreplay part last longer as it can help you improve your sexual performance up to a considerable extent. Foreplay includes various activities such as kissing, rubbing, touching, fingering and oral sex too.

9. Use different and different positions and activities


Being engaged in sex with the same partner over a long period of time and over and over again can make things boring for both of you. To improve your sexual performance on bed, you can try new positions and new places to have sex in an interesting way and thereby make it more pleasurable. The excitement of getting into new sex acts can let you go wild on bed for a long period of time.

10. Try quitting smoking and alcohol


Alcohol and smoking are seen to have put a bad effect on health causing lots of heart-related diseases and high blood pressure. This sometimes leads to erectile dysfunction. So, quitting smoking can ultimately help in improving your sexual performance. Besides improving sexual performance, it can let you last longer on bed and enjoy intimate moments with your partner.

To conclude

So, described above are some of the best yet sure-fire ways that will certainly assist you in enhancing your overall sexual health and performance. Apart from this, by following these ways you can last longer on bed and satisfy your partner up to a great extent. Always remember, sex is nothing without penetration but it can be a lot more than penetration. So, get into foreplay, reduce stress, quit smoking, and enjoy these beautiful intimate moments together.