When it comes to boosting your following, one typical error is trying to reach out to practically everyone, even those who are uninterested in your field. Make sure your Instagram bot followers are accessing profiles and hashtags that are related to your niche in order to build a steady following.

Slow down your pace


If you’re new to Instagram and start following hundreds of profiles every day, Instagram administrators will most likely notice you. As a result, we recommend gradually boosting your following and interactions as your account develops.

Don’t let your Instagram bot followers do everything

Take some time to perform your Instagram interactions manually rather than relying on a bot. If you completely automate your Instagram account, you risk having it shadow-banned. Take the time to interact with your followers by replying to comments, liking other users’ posts, sharing relevant material, and answering questions.

Reduce the bot’s activities

Use the filter option to restrict your bot to following just the most active Instagram users. Create a daily target for the number of posts, comments, and likes that is realistic for a real person.

Instagram bot followers options for growing your following organically


Using Instagram bots offers benefits and cons that may have a significant impact on your account in a variety of ways. However, there are several techniques to increase your Instagram following without using bots, and some of them are included here. These strategies will provide significantly greater long-term benefits since you will get genuine, targeted followers.

Determine your potential customers

It is still preferable to prepare ahead of time rather than depend on Instagram bot followers for your marketing. By making the effort to determine your target demographic, you can concentrate on naturally building brand recognition. With this method, you may increase your Instagram followers without risking an embarrassing scenario or being shadow-banned.

Increase your following by updating often

If you want to increase your Instagram following, don’t forget to consistently post high-quality images and videos. People are more inclined to engage with your page if you are constantly active on Instagram stories since they will have a better grasp of your business. When adding hashtags, use GrowthBeast to increase discoverability with Instagram bot followers.

Post ahead of time automatically


You may organise your content uploads on Instagram with the aid of a scheduler. Posting during peak hours, for example, may help your posts get viewed by more people.

Genuinely interact with your fans

Authentic interaction will strive to create trust and, eventually, naturally expand your Instagram following. Leave comments that encourage your followers to start dialogues, and always respond to comments in articles, as well as send private messages if required. Unlike Instagram bot followers, who often search for your target demographic, follow them, post a generic comment, and then vanish.

Take control of your growth

Getting a sizable Instagram following now takes an enormous amount of time and effort. Instagram growth services like Kicksta and Ektora help you attract your perfect audience. These services’ development strategies are straightforward and organic. To find and connect with like-minded people, just describe your ideal follower.

Make use of your other social media profiles

Instagram is losing users at a faster rate than both Facebook and YouTube. If you have a Facebook, YouTube, or other social media account, you may use Instagram bot followers to obtain more Instagram followers. However, ensure that you have amazing material available for them so that people will sign up and follow your account.

Engage with influencers


You may uncover influencers in your field by using social listening. These individuals have already built a dedicated following, and if you can persuade them to endorse your business, their followers will almost certainly become your followers as well. Collaboration with high-profile influencers is another fantastic way to expand your following.

Work with current Instagram communities.

If you’re looking for a new audience to connect with, consider joining a group that discusses your brand or speciality. If you participate regularly in the group, they are more likely to see your profile and perhaps start following you.

Last thoughts and comments

Manual social media marketing is still the best way to increase your Instagram following. Automated tools such as Instagram bot followers and other automation tools may be useful at first but can harm your business in the long term. You may prefer to build your following organically and securely by using the bot alternatives outlined above.