Intensive Outpatient Treatment is a Drug Detox program designed to maintain the balance between Inpatient treatment and Outpatient treatment. IN Intensive Outpatient therapy, a structured approach is followed to treat the patient, and excellent care is provided which is way better than the Outpatient program yet offers better flexibility as compared to the Inpatient program. This therapy is used as the primary care plan or continuing care plan.

What makes the Intensive Outpatient Treatment Different From the Other Treatment?


The Outpatient Treatment program is like an amalgamation of Inpatient and Outpatient treatment. When you join the Intensive Outpatient treatment program, you do not need to live at the Rehab facility. Also, you get the privilege to select the meeting times as per your convenience. However, the Intensive Outpatient Treatment program could be your long term commitment that may last from several hours to several days in a week or month.

Not everyone can seek medical help from Inpatient Rehab. At the same time, seeking medical help from Outpatient Care is just not enough to control the negative habits and break the addiction cycle. Also, when a person returns home, the same distractions there may not let the addicts maintain their sobriety, so the addict needs the Intensive Outpatient Treatment for long-lasting recovery.

Services Offered By Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program

  • Group Counselling

The Intensive Outpatient Treatment involves group therapies that allow the addicts to connect with other people struggling for the same cause so all can work together at their best to overcome Drug addiction. Through the regular session and Counsellings, the addicts get to learn coping skills, communication skills, relapse prevention, stress management techniques, life skills, and many more.

  • Family Therapy

The most important thing that addicts usually lose after becoming a victim of drugs is their family and friends. The Intensive Outpatient treatment includes Family counseling where addicts get a chance to improve their relations with family and friends by working on their troubled histories. It is necessary for family and friends to understand their role in the recovery process. The emotional and moral support from loved ones is the strongest tool to fight against Drug addiction.

  • Individual Therapy

The individual therapies are also available in IOPs where patients get a chance to interact with a Doctor or Psychiatrist and share their story. The goal of this therapy is to understand the reason behind adduction; for example- it could be the past trauma or mental illness) and help the addicts to work on the negative patterns of behavior.

  • Medication Management

The medication also has an important role in the Intensive Outpatient Program at Nova Recovery Center. It is used for treating co-occurring disorders like bipolar depression or anxiety. Medication may also help the patient to control their cravings for drugs and kick off the pleasurable effects of drugs from their life.

So, these are some life-saving services offered by the Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program. Nobody wants the drug addiction to control their life or get in the way. If you want to live the rest of your life addiction-free, then Intensive Outpatient Treatment could be your ideal choice. Addicts will benefit greatly after becoming a part of this therapy. The best thing about this treatment is that addicts can incorporate with the rest of their busy life easily without compromising their health.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Opting for Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program


However, IOP often does not bring any challenge in adjusting to the new life, but it may seem difficult, especially during the early days of the treatment ( just to avoid the relapse). IOP does not deter the addict from meeting people and visiting places where drug use is common like the inpatient treatment program does, so you must have a strong will-power and a clear mindset.

Also, the IOP does not allow the addict to take a break from his everyday responsibilities which again clearly states that staying focused is what you need the most. Perhaps, the Intensive Outpatient Treatment is way more effective than the other treatment programs and helps millions of people worldwide to stay connected with their family and friends while recovering from Drug addiction.

There are some considerations that you need to keep in your mind before opting for Drug treatment therapy;

  • Managing the triggers is an important part of the recovery process. If you are unable to manage the triggers while recovering at home and relapse, it may create a serious threat to the addiction recovery process.
  • The trigger could be anything from personal to professional matters, family relationships. Negative emotions like anxiety, fear, or anger.

Fortunately, intensive outpatient therapy is effectively designed to help the addicts to deal with these triggers. While, it may not be the right choice for many drug addicts, but it could be the perfect choice for your loved one.

Is IOP Right For You?


Deciding if the Intensive Rehab Program is the right choice for you or not depends upon certain factors:

  • Does addiction require Detox?
  • If around the clock supervision is important.
  • Stability of the Home Environment.
  • If personal or work obligation is making the treatment unattainable

All these factors equally contribute to determining if the Intensive Outpatient Treatment is your ideal choice or not. IOP may not be the right choice of treatment for every addict. But, getting treatment is always better than no treatment. So, make sure that you get the most of your treatment care.

Find the Right Rehab

For fast and effective results, finding the right Rehab for Intensive Outpatient Program is important. So, make sure that you choose the best program for your loved one according to his or her needs.

IOP could be your best option for living an addiction-free, sober, and healthy life. So, if you have made up your mind to stay sober for the rest of your life, join the Intensive Outpatient Treatment program today and take a long walk on the road of recovery.