The double chin is also known as submental fat.  It is a condition that forms when an extra layer of fat builds up just below your chin.

It may result from having looser skin due to aging or due to genetics and, in some cases, due to being overweight. Having a double chin isn’t usually a medical concern.

However, if it affects how you feel about yourself, it would be advisable to remove it. HIFU is one of the most common, painless treatments your cosmetic surgeon may recommend for removing double chin.

Is HIFU FDA Approved?


HIFU is FDA-approved. Initially, it got its approval from the FDA in 2009 to be used in brow lifts. In 2014, it also got FDA approval for improving wrinkles and lines on the neckline and the upper chest region.

Several other clinical trials have been performed and determined that HIFU is safe and effective in treatments that involve tightening of the skin, for example, face lifting. Most beauty enthusiasts majorly prefer it because it does not come with the typical risks of invasive surgical procedures.

Can HIFU Get Rid of Double Chin?


It is important to note that HIFU (Intensity Focused Ultrasound) technology is one of the most advanced non-invasive facial rejuvenation procedures currently in use. It can be used to target the double chin to help patients get rid of this condition.

It is not only quick but also guarantees long-lasting results without downtimes since it doesn’t cause damage to your skin. In getting rid of a double chin; HIFU works by breaking down the excess fat stores behind the formation of your double chin.

It also encourages collagen production in your dermis to ensure smooth contouring on your face and wrinkle reduction. It doesn’t end there, though. It also targets superficial face and neck muscles, which are focused on during surgical facelifts to add a uniform definition to your face.

Can HIFU go wrong?


HIFU is a generally safe double chin treatment. However, that does not imply that it is 100 percent risk-free.

Depending on factors like your provider’s skill to how you take care of yourself, there is some chance you may have complications. One of the possible but infrequent severe effects that may result when HIFU goes wrong is nerve damage.

You can minimize your risks of suffering nerve damage when having HIFU for your double chin condition by ensuring that you work with a board-certified and experienced HIFU doctor. Here is a roundup of a few more HIFU side effects you may get after treatment and how to manage or avoid them.

Blotchy Skin


Blotchy skin is one of the most common side effects that have been recorded for patients who get HIFU. With this effect, the treated area may get red and blotchy.

This is particularly common if you have skin that’s prone to redness and very sensitive. However, the good news is that the blotchy skin after HIFU in Singapore isn’t permanent and will disappear within just a few hours after your treatment.

Your dermatologist may also give you some creams to apply on your chin to resolve this effect quickly. They may also give you the cream to apply at home to prevent this effect from recurring.



It is not uncommon to experience a bit of numbness after getting this treatment for your double chin. Here’s what may cause numbness after HIFU.

During treatment, the sound waves delivered by the HIFU machine penetrate deep into the layers of your skin in the dermis and Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System (SMAS) layers. When this happens, there is some chance of these sound waves causing minor damages along the way.

This may make you experience some feelings of numbness around your chin after getting HIFU in Singapore. No need to worry about this possible side effect because it is rare and would also subside within 7 to 14 days without any medical intervention.

Besides, your provider will also most certainly explain this to you beforehand to prepare you psychologically for this so that if by any chance you experience this effect, you do not panic. As a basic rule of thumb, if you have any concerns about the treatment, do not always wait for the doctor to bring it up. You can always raise it, so you have it addressed as soon as possible.



Swelling is another notable side effect of HIFU. Even though it is not usually a cause of concern, it is still worth the mention.

Different skins respond differently to this treatment, and depending on your skin, you may experience swelling. It will also resolve by itself within just a few days.

You may need to call your doctor if the swelling is severe. Importantly, you will need to keep off things that may prolong your swelling, such as vigorous activity and alcohol consumption.



Though pretty rare, hyper-pigmentation is another HIFU side effect that you may also notice after your treatment. This after effect may cause your skin to develop darker patches.

It can result from the heat emitted by the HIFU device you’re being treated with. To minimize the risks of running into this side effect, your provider may perform a patch test to ensure that you’re safe from this effect.

In summation, we’d highly recommend HIFU for you if your preference is a quick double chin treatment that won’t come with extended downtimes forcing you to take some time off work.

At Artisan wellness, we hold comprehensive consultations with all our clients to capture their needs and preference before recommending a treatment. Besides, we understand that not everybody would be fit for some treatments. Therefore, we make sure that we’re aware of your medical history, conditions and, when necessary, perform essential tests to ensure that you have the least risks of developing complications from the treatment we offer.

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HIFU is good for double chin. It may not be a good idea to live with a double chin if it affects how you feel about yourself. Find out more about the treatment here: