Embark on a journey from the bustling metropolis of Manila to the pristine shores of Siargao, a hidden gem in the Philippines that promises a tropical escape like no other.

Flights from Manila to Siargao open the door to a world of white sandy beaches, turquoise waters, and laid-back island vibes. Join us on a virtual tour as we explore the attractions and unveil the compelling reasons to venture from the urban chaos of Manila to the serene beauty of Siargao.

Manila – A Dynamic Urban Tapestry:


As you board your flight from Manila, the dynamic capital of the Philippines, the anticipation of island paradise begins to build. Manila, with its blend of historical landmarks, modern architecture, and vibrant street life, serves as the gateway to a contrasting world awaiting you in Siargao.

Begin your exploration in Intramuros, the historic walled city that takes you back to the Spanish colonial era. The iconic Fort Santiago, Manila Cathedral, and San Agustin Church stand as testaments to the city’s rich cultural heritage. The Rizal Park, dedicated to the national hero Jose Rizal, provides a peaceful escape amidst lush greenery and historical monuments.

Makati, Manila’s financial district, offers a taste of modernity with its towering skyscrapers, upscale shopping malls, and bustling nightlife. Ayala Triangle Gardens provide a green oasis in the heart of the business district, where locals gather for leisurely strolls and outdoor events.

For a glimpse into the local culture, visit the colorful markets of Divisoria or the historic Quiapo Church, home to the Black Nazarene. Manila’s culinary scene is a diverse tapestry of flavors, from street food delights like balut to fine dining experiences featuring Filipino fusion cuisine.

But as your flight takes off, leaving the urban landscape behind, you’re en route to Siargao – an island paradise that offers a complete contrast to the bustling energy of Manila.

Siargao – The Surfing Capital and Beyond:


Touching down in Siargao, you step into a world where time seems to slow down, and the rhythm of the waves sets the pace. Siargao, known as the Surfing Capital of the Philippines, is a tropical haven that combines pristine landscapes, vibrant coral reefs, and a relaxed island atmosphere.

Cloud 9, a world-renowned surf spot, beckons surf enthusiasts from around the globe. The powerful waves and the iconic boardwalk create an atmosphere that captures the essence of Siargao’s surfing culture. Whether you’re an experienced surfer or a beginner, the local surf schools and instructors make it easy for everyone to ride the waves.

Spend your days exploring the hidden lagoons and mangrove forests that dot the island. The Sugba Lagoon, with its turquoise waters and lush surroundings, offers a tranquil escape. Navigate the winding rivers of the mangrove forests on a paddleboard or explore the vibrant underwater world while snorkeling in the crystal-clear waters.

For nature lovers, the Magpupungko Rock Pools are a must-visit. During low tide, natural pools are formed among the rocks, creating a picturesque setting for a refreshing swim. The Taktak Falls, hidden within the island’s interior, invite you to discover the lush greenery and cascading waters.

Siargao’s culinary scene reflects its coastal charm, with an abundance of fresh seafood and local delicacies. Explore the night markets where vendors showcase grilled seafood, Filipino street food, and traditional dishes. Don’t miss the chance to try the local specialty, “kinilaw,” a Filipino ceviche made with fresh fish or seafood marinated in vinegar and spices.

As the sun sets, head to Cloud 9’s boardwalk or the beachfront bars for a relaxed evening of watching the sunset over the Pacific Ocean. The vibrant nightlife in General Luna, Siargao’s main town, offers a mix of beachfront parties, live music, and the chance to connect with fellow travelers from around the world.


Day Trips from Siargao:

Venture beyond the island’s shores for day trips to nearby attractions. The Sohoton Cove National Park, located on Bucas Grande Island, is a mesmerizing sanctuary with limestone formations, hidden lagoons, and a vibrant marine life. Island-hopping tours take you to secluded beaches, coral gardens, and the enchanting Naked Island.

For a cultural experience, visit the picturesque villages of Dapa and Del Carmen, where you can interact with the local community and learn about their traditional way of life. The mangrove river cruise in Del Carmen allows you to witness the flourishing biodiversity of Siargao’s coastal ecosystem.

Flights from Manila to Siargao promise a seamless transition from the urban hustle of Manila to the idyllic charm of Siargao’s tropical paradise. Whether you’re drawn to the thrill of surfing, the tranquility of hidden lagoons, or the vibrant island culture, Siargao offers a diverse range of experiences that cater to every traveler.

So, from the moment you board your flight, let the anticipation of Siargao’s beauty guide you through a journey that transcends city life. Siargao’s pristine landscapes, warm hospitality, and laid-back atmosphere invite you to unwind, explore, and connect with the natural wonders of this island gem in the heart of the Philippines. Pack your swimsuit, grab your surfboard, and get ready for an adventure that captures the essence of island life in Siargao.