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It’s interesting to hear the claims that programming could soon be a basic literacy skill, much like reading and writing. Really? While many people could be interested in the modern IT industry, computer programming is a little more complicated. 

And programming has never been a one size fits all affair, to be honest. Like the widespread human languages, being proficient in one language is never an answer to all communication needs. 

With the variety of programming languages ranging from Python to JavaScript, Java, and HTML5 among the rest, identifying an area of specialty can be challenging. It should be mentioned that Java is one of the most stable programming languages commonly used by large tech companies when developing their applications. 

And this post is meant to break down the key details of the Oracle Java training path, specifically the Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE8 Programmer credential. 

So, if you’ve always been motivated by the prospect of new jobs and career advancement in the IT industry, this post is for you. 

And without much ado, let’s delve into the details of the entire post.

Overview of the Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE8 Programmer Credential

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Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE8 Programmer certification is meant to help candidates build their foundational knowledge and understanding of Java. Earning this credential confirms that you possess the advanced-level skills to help you serve as a professional Java developer in the future.

To gain the Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE8 Programmer certification, you need to pass 1Z0-808 test also known as the Java SE Programmer I exam.

Oracle highly recommends that you should start your preparation by enrolling in the beginner and intermediate level Java SE8 training program to boost your practical knowledge and hands-on skills. 

Your Career Prospects

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Like any Java credential, the Oracle Certified Java SE 8 Programmer certification will greatly improve your career prospects. 

One of the tangible benefits of getting certified is the recognition of your skills and new role as a certified Java developer. Thus, you would be a valuable employee in your organization. Secondly, you will get a pay hike and your annual salary would estimate about $81,000. Thirdly, you are on the way of getting a professional-level certification, known as OCP, Java SE 8 Programmer. You can gain it by passing one exam- 1Z0-809. 

Since the center of this post is 1Z0-808 exam, let’s focus on it and its prep methods to use. 

Oracle 1Z0-808 Exam Details

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The OCA exam presents 70 multiple-choice questions that you will need to complete in 150 minutes. To pass the test you’ll need to score 65%. 

The tasks of the assessment are designed to define if a candidate possesses basic Java knowledge, can use Java operators, create methods and loops, work with selected classes and Java data types, etc. You can find the whole list on the page of the exam on the Oracle website.

Like most of the Java certification exams, the Oracle 1Z0-808 test costs $245 for candidates living in the US. You may want to visit the certification page on the Oracle official website to find out the test details before enrolling for it.

Preparing for your Certification Exam

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Since proper preparation is key to your success in 1Z0-808 exam, we recommend you to use several types of resources to work out the themes from different sides. Here are some common preparation materials that have helped a number of candidates to pass their tests successfully.

1. Join a Training Course

Oracle offers a variety of training courses that are meant to verify a student’s knowledge of the specific exam domains. By joining an online course, you get an opportunity to refresh your knowledge and work on your hands-on skills that will be vital for your success when handling real-world scenarios. 

2. Get the Study Guide

When working toward your Oracle certifications, there are a few better sources of helpful information than the official study guide. Review the exam study guide from the Oracle official website or Amazon website and update your knowledge in readiness for the actual exam.

3. Practice with Mock Exams

Mock exams are meant to validate your knowledge and boost your confidence when preparing for your Oracle 1Z0-808 test. But just be sure to get the exam questions from reliable training websites such as

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Java is an exciting programming language that students never finish learning. Whether you’ve been using it for a few years or you are an aspiring Java programmer, there’s always something new to add to your growing list of skillsets. With the Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE8 Programmer certification, you can set yourself apart from the rest and enjoy the plenty of opportunities that the programming domain has to offer. Make a decision, enroll for the required test, prepare for it with quality exam dumps and move closer to your dream career!