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Jimmy Carter who was once a former naval officer was also one time governor of Georgia and President of the USA as well. He possesses an estimated net worth of about $ 5 million. His overall net worth is as a result of his services in the office of the president of the United State of America, Senator of Georgia and the Governor as well. Jimmy Carter became the 39th president of USA and acquired some of his fortune from his time with the navy and as well owning a peanut farm.

Jimmy was given birth to in Georgia (precisely Plains) and undergoes his education through the public school method. He had all his education in Georgia where he was given birth and also acquired B.Sc. in the year 1946 from US Navy Academy. Upon his graduation, Jimmy was married to Rosalynn Smith. After the death of Jimmy Carter’s father in the year 1953, Jimmy tendered his resignation later to the naval commission and relocated back to his home town (Georgia).

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Jimmy later became in-charge of the Carter’s farm, warehouse and farm supply production in Plains (Georgia). His personality provided him with the opportunity to be elected as a leader in his community and also Georgia senate later in the year 1962. In the year 1974, Jimmy Carter made his opinion official for the seat of the presidency of the United State of America. After winning the 1976 party’s (Democratic National Convention) nomination, he won the election for presidency that same year (2nd November 1976).

He achieved several feats as the president of USA such achievement includes not just in the USA but also in the world at large. For achieving such unbelievable feats, Jimmy Carter was later a professor at Emory University in Atlanta in the year 1982. He also should his strength in creating the Carter Centre, and organization that was built to help promote democracy, human rights, and stop diseases from spreading worldwide and also establishing peace rather than conflicts.

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jimmy carter net worth


  • America

Date of Birth

  • 1st October 1924

Place of Birth

  • Plains, Georgia


  • 95


  • Politician


  • 116 kg


  • 180 cm


  • Rosalynn Smith

Net Worth

  • $5 million

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