The last decade gives us the understanding that the sphere of online gambling has extremely increased the number of its fans in recent years. Its popularity shows that different online casinos are in demand and players want to get more.

The sphere is full of various activities but despite numerous table and card games, poker, or lotteries, pokie machines stay the most popular activity among modern gamblers. More than 70 percent of online casino visitors prefer this game instead of other representatives.

Software creators and developers are constantly presenting new pokies with new characteristics, concepts, and themes. And as a rule, every week bring us a new pokie game in a lobby of gambling sites.

This variability makes it difficult to understand what pokie is worth your attention, and which of them is better to avoid. You can even play all day long trying to find the best one, and it can be not enough. So, we decided to help you to deal with this issue. Learn carefully all the aspects you should look at when selecting an online pokie machine.

Selecting online pokies


The modern casino world presents players with hundreds or even thousands of real online pokies. Of course, players are free to select games that they prefer. For example, if your goal is to play just for fun you can pay regard to movie-based pokies like Superman or Gladiator. If you are a fan of cartoons no problem. You can easily find pokies based on this entertainment. In case you do not understand what game is better to start with we recommend you concentrate on classic representatives such as Tomb Raider, Zuma, or pokies that are inspired by famous video games (one of the greatest examples here is Call of Duty).

As you can see, the variety of pokie themes is impressive. But do not be afraid. As a rule, they all have stunning designs, accurate graphics with numerous special effects, and involving gameplay.

However, if your goal is to win real money you should take into account some criteria that will help you to avoid unfair and bad-quality pokies.

Options of wagering

Upon launching a pokie machine, you should start with making a bet. Of course, it should not be whatever bet. We recommend you carefully think about specific aspects of betting. We believe that you will understand that you have no idea about them at all. It is connected with its variety from pokie to pokie. It usually confuses newcomers. So, it is time to underline everything you should know about online pokie wagering.

As a rule, pokie games are fixed in a minimum available bet. It is usually equal to one cent for a line. It means that if you choose a pokie with 20 paylines you will bet 20 cents at least. Taking this fact into account, numerous gambling providers implement the function of selecting the number of lines you want to play with.

RTP percentage


Another significant feature of pokie games is Return to Player or RTP percentage. This feature describes the percentage that will be paid back in case you win. If an online pokie game has high quality it should have RTP of more than 95 percent. But of course, it is not a key to winning a massive prize.

Let us explain in more detail. You select a game with RTP that is equal to 95. You decide to bet 100 dollars. In this case, your winning will be 95 dollars, and the rest will go to the house. It means that this percentage is calculated over all your spins in one game.

Volatility of online pokie games

This concept is pretty new in the world of pokie machines. That is why you can face a good great deal of misinformation about volatility. However, this aspect opens the door to establishing of your earnings through the payout algorithm. As soon as you understand its principles it will start working on you.

There is the availability of the option to decide what level of volatility you prefer. It can be low, medium, and high. The biggest part of pokies has the medium level. If a game has a high level it will lead you to generous jackpots and massive winnings. However, here the low frequency of victory options is waiting for you. Low volatility means smaller winnings, but they will appear more often.

What is better: low or high volatility?


For answering this question players should understand their reasons for playing. In case you want to chill and get a lot of fun you can select games with low volatility. You will spend less amount of money and gameplay will be calmer. But if your goal is to play all night long and become a winner of a super prize it will be a better idea to choose high-level volatility. There is a risk to waste a big amount of money. But if you are a responsible player you will avoid this factor and will get a chance to win more. But RTP identifies the total payout number and the aspect of volatility shows the spin number. Do not forget about it!

Software creators and providers

It is a known fact that some experienced gamblers prefer enjoying titles from their favourite providers. But at the very beginning, it is better to set boundaries aside and enjoy any game you want. Try different software developers in order to understand what is better for you and get a unique gambling experience.  With time, your experience will be on the top level and you can develop your own pokie strategy.

Do not forget about demo modes

We want to conclude this article with a piece of advice for new players. If you are a newbie we recommend you star your gambling way with free versions. The biggest part of online casinos offers this option. It is even not a must to go through the process if signing up. It is an ideal way to learn all the peculiarities of pokie machines.

In addition, keep in mind that you can use various promotions and bonuses that online casinos offer to its customers. Usually, they are free spins or extra bonus rounds.