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Kobe Bean Bryant was given birth to in the year 1978 August 23rd and has been involved with professional basketball throughout his career. Kobe currently plies his trade for Los Angeles Lakers of the NBA.

Kobe Bryant has been involved with professional basketball with the Lakers throughout his career, having started the sport through high school.


  • Five NBA Championships
  • He has been named all – Star on seventh different occasion
  • He has been named as a member of the All – NBA team on fifteen different occasions
  • He has been named as a member of the All – Defensive team on twelve different occasion
  • He is the third league all time regular season scoring and all time post season scoring on ranking
  • He holds the NBA record of most seasons with the same team
  • He holds the second most scored point (81) in a single game in the league history
  • He won the regular season’s most valuable player in the year 2008
  • He won the finals most valuable player award in the 2009 and 2010
  • He was the youngest player to reach three hundred career points in the league
  • He won gold medal at the 2008 and 2012 edition of Olympic games
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Kobe Bryant is the son of the former basketball player and his basketball success started while he was still in high school at the “Lower Merion High School in Pennsylvania”. It was during his high school days that he was tipped as the next future basketball star in the country and after he graduated from high school, he was drafted into the NBA by the Charlotte Hornets and was moved on to the Los Angeles Lakers.

Bryant became very popular in his first season and despite his misunderstanding with the popular basketball player “Shaquille O’Neal”, they were still able to lift their team to three consecutive championships. Kobe Bryant is also believed to take working out very serious considering the fact that he is also an athlete and his personal trainer is no other person than the famous Tim Grover.

Tim Grover is referred to as the main director of a training basketball players company known as the Attack Athletes and for a fact, Tim Grover was also the trainer of popular basketball legend, Michael Jordan. However, we do not know much about Kobe Bryant’s workout activities or even his diet plan.

Some of Kobe’s strengths while playing basketball includes courage, leadership, great shooting ability, intelligent, killer instinct and many more.

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Kobe Bryant Age And Nationality

Birth Name: Kobe Bean Bryant

Byname: Black Mamba, Mister Clutch

Date of birth: 1978 August 23rd


  • Leo

Place of Birth

  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (United States)


  • United State of America


How Tall Is Kobe Bryant – Kobe Bryant Height, Weight and Full Body Measurement

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Body Build Type


Height Measurement

  • 198 cm

Weight Measurement

  • 96 kg

Body Measurements

  • Chest – 109 cm
  • Arms – 42 cm
  • Waist – 89 cm

Shoe Measurement

  • 14 USA

Hair color

  • Black

Eye Tint

  • Dark Brown


  • Straight


  • Joe Bryant (Father)
  • Pam Bryant (Mother)


  • Black


  • Roman Catholic


  • Professional Basketball player

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Kobe Bryant Wife

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  • Vanessa Laine (April. 2001)