What separates Lamborghini from all the other car brands? Is it how fast it goes? Do only successful people own one? Is it because of its sleek aesthetic? To a certain degree, all of that is true, but as crypto enthusiasts, there’s one thing that makes Lamborghinis stand out: it represents new money.

When Lambo?

Even before it made its way into the cryptocurrency space, Lamborghini has always been somewhat of a status symbol. That’s probably why you see it so prominently featured in music videos. It’s a way for the artist to say: “Look! I’ve made it and I need everyone to know that.”

By the time crypto enthusiasts got their hands on one, it had become a saying that’s widely used in the crypto sphere: When Lambo? Although upon first glance, it may seem a little crude, it holds a very hopeful message. Every time a new cryptocurrency comes in, there’s a good chance you’ll hear that phrase. “When Lambo?” refers to the hopeful nature of supporters—when will this coin be worth enough for us to buy a Lambo?

You’re probably wondering: where did this saying even come from? Ever heard of 4chan? It’s a popular and notorious Internet forum about politics, sports, hobbies, and all things under the sun. In 2013, someone posted documents of their purchase: a 2014 Lamborghini Gallardo bought entirely with Bitcoin (BTC). Although it’s technically not the first-ever luxury car purchased with crypto (supposedly), it tells quite the story.

All the buyer had to do was head on over to the nearest Lamborghini dealership in Newport Beach, California, pay them in BTC, and then post the purchase documents online for what may be the biggest flex the crypto world has ever seen.

How much BTC, you ask? The buyer spent exactly 216.8433 BTC for that sweet new ride—which, we have to say, is a masterpiece: a V-10 engine, 255 horsepower piece of art that could go from 0 to 60mph in less than four seconds. However, we also have to say that that’s an insane amount of money in today’s context.

At that time, it made sense: 216.8433 BTC was just under the 210,000 USD mark—which is in the ballpark price of the car. However, at the time of writing, 216.8433 BTC is just about 7.5 million USD.

Since then, every crypto holder’s goal has been to be able to buy a luxury car—specifically, a Lambo. In fact, after that purchase, the press followed the story. As a result, many new and serious crypto customers went to the same dealership to get the same deal.

If you also want to try crypto and earn money for a Lambo; don’t worry, you aren’t too late. You can still start now.

Get started in Bitcoin


Contrary to popular belief, BTC isn’t complicated at all. Many people think that since Bitcoin’s price is high, they can’t afford one. However, not many people know that you can actually buy fractions of a BTC. If you’re interested in getting your start, check out Paxful, the world’s leading people-powered marketplace.

Buying BTC is only a three-step process:

Step 1: Create an account

Sign up and get your free crypto wallet, and you’re ready to buy Bitcoin.

Step 2: Find an offer

Now that you’re ready to trade, it’s time to look for an offer. There are nearly 400 payment options, allowing you to quickly find vendors selling BTC. From the home page, input your preferences, and then click Find offers.

From there, you should see a list of offers—all you have to do is to choose an offer based on what you want. Here a few key factors to consider when picking an offer:

  • Price – Each vendor sells BTC at their own price, allowing them to earn from trades. To get an idea of the price, look at the percentage—the lower it is, the cheaper the BTC.
  • Feedback score – Every time a user completes a trade, their trade partners leave feedback. This number shows how many people can vouch for this user—the higher the feedback score, the more reliable the seller.
  • Offer tags – These tags give you an idea of how you’ll be paying your trade partner.
  • Trade limits – This refers to the minimum and maximum amount of money you can trade with the user.
  • Availability – Look at when the seller was last seen. If you start a trade with an inactive user, it could expire on you.

See an offer you like? First, click the Buy button to get all the details. Then, if you’re ready to proceed, input how much BTC you want to buy and click Buy now.

Step 3: Trade

This is where the trade starts. At this point, you’ll get a detailed set of instructions on how to pay the seller. If the instructions are a little unclear, feel free to use the trade chat to ask questions.

After sending in your payment, make sure to mark the trade as Paid so that it doesn’t expire. Once paid, give the seller a few minutes to verify the transaction.

As soon as the seller verifies the payment, they’ll release the BTC from escrow and it’ll go into your Wallet.

Yup, trading is that easy. Try it now and if you’re still a little intimidated, you can start with as little as 10 USD.

Lambos: Good for the culture


The saying may be a little crude, but the message it holds represents the gleam of hope that lives within the crypto realm. Lamborghinis represent the hope that through crypto, dreams can actually come true. It represents the average person trying to make a name for themselves.

In its simplest form, a Lamborghini is just an extravagant way of expressing one’s financial freedom. So if you’ve got the money for it, what’s stopping you from buying one? Yes, it started off as a meme, but since then, it has become a symbol of hope for crypto enthusiasts worldwide.