Has someone you love been needlessly removed from your life? Here’s why hiring a wrongful death lawyer brings you peace of mind.

When you lose someone, you love, it is heartbreaking. When you lose someone that you love in an accident that could have been avoided? That pain is exaggerated. You wonder why they were taken from you and you – understandably – want to lash out at those that caused the accident. However, there are right ways and wrong ways of doing things.

The right thing to do, is to seek out a wrongful death attorney that can help you get the support you need. Hiring a wrongful death attorney is about more than just getting the bills paid… it’s about support at a time in your life where you are at your lowest. It’s someone fighting your corner, looking after your interests when you don’t have the headspace to do it yourself.

In times of mourning, a wrongful death attorney can be your voice, so you aren’t swept aside. In this article, we will discuss only four of the ways that a lawyer can assist your family with a wrongful death claim. The truth is that four ways barely scratch the surface.

What Does a Wrongful Death Lawyer Actually Do?


Let’s begin by summarizing exactly what responsibilities the wrongful death lawyer can take care of, on your behalf.

A wrongful death lawyer will step in whenever negligent actions have led to the death of your loved one. They will collate all the information involved in the case, as well as keeping track of monies spent or lost due to the death.

They will speak in court on your behalf, to make sure you don’t have the stress of attending hearings while you are grieving. They will be your legal voice, making sure your interests are represented instead of forgotten about.

A wrongful death lawyer should be with you throughout the duration of your mourning process. They can help you with any legal or funerary matters if you just ask. According to DDRB Lawyers, the main duties of your wrongful death lawyer include:

  • They prove to the judge that a duty of care was present, and subsequently breached, which resulted in a death.
  • They file and maintain the civil action suit, so you can get on with grieving.
  • Your wrongful death lawyer will gather evidence of your claim.
  • They will talk you through each step, acting as an important part of your support network.
  • The lawyer will help you to estimate the damages of the case, i.e., how much you have lost in a monetary sense.
  • They will negotiate with a judge and insurance firms on your behalf.

The thought of not hiring a wrongful death lawyer is unimaginable. You might not get any help with the death and you will be expected to pay all costs involved.

While some people think of taking charge of finances at a time like this is callous, we believe it is good common sense. You have already lost someone you care greatly about. Don’t let it leave you in financial ruin, too.

The 4 Ways a Lawyer Best Assists your Family during Wrongful Death Lawsuits

Without further ado then, here are the four ways a wrongful death lawyer helps your family best, during your time of need.

1. They Unite the Immediate Family


One of the most important aspects of a wrongful death lawyer is that they work for the whole family. They represent all beneficiaries of the will, or those that might have been beneficiaries in the absence of a will. The problem with a wrongful death is that the person did not expect to die.

The wrongful death lawyer works for your whole family… not just those that file the suit.

2. They Collect Evidence


Imagine the scene: you have just lost your wife and the mother of your children to neglect in the workplace, or due to medical negligence and wrongful death. You have a funeral to plan, family to inform, and the grieving process to go through. The last thing you have time for is collecting the evidence that proves your spouse was a victim of failure in a duty of care…

That’s what a wrongful death lawyer does best. They collect enough evidence to bring a case before the judge in a hearing – which you don’t even have to attend.

3. They Help you Take Stock


When you are in the peak of grieving, the last thing you want to do is arrange your finances. Many of us don’t have good enough mental health to deal with both at once. A wrongful death lawyer has gone through this process a hundred times already. This means they know the ins and outs of what you can claim for.

Your lawyer will be able to run through what needs to be considered. This could include a loss of earnings, funeral and medical expenses, and a loss of income from your loved one into your household. There is also pain and suffering to be considered. You might not be able to put a price on your pain, but a lawyer is specially trained to do so.

4. They Represent your Interests


A wrongful death lawyer will represent your interests from the moment of death to the moment the court case concludes. They will help you in your grief, represent you in court, and give a voice to your deceased loved one so that their voice is heard.

The number one priority of a wrongful death lawyer is to represent your family’s needs and interests, at a time when it is difficult for you to do so alone. They are there to give swift resolution to your family’s losses… and they do it when you need them most.

Do you need a lawyer?

Do you need a wrongful death lawyer to get your losses back? It might not bring back your loved one, but a lawsuit could help stop it from happening to another family. That’s a good enough reason to try and get some monetary restitution for your efforts, too.