The lesbian haircuts of 2024 are all about boldness, bravery, and confidence. From ultra-short butches and studs haircuts to the classic pixie cut, lesbians have a plethora of options when it comes to styling their hair.

Whether you’re looking for something low-maintenance or high-impact, there is something out there for everyone. Here’s a look at some of the top lesbian haircuts for 2024.

What Are Butches and Studs?

Butches and studs are two distinct types of lesbian haircuts that have become increasingly popular in recent years. Butch cuts typically feature short hair on the sides with longer hair on top, while stud cuts involve an undercut style where the sides are shaved or buzzed down close to the scalp.

Both styles offer a modern take on traditional masculine looks, making them perfect for lesbians who want to express their gender identity through their hairstyle.

Classic Butch Cut


The classic butch cut is a timeless look that has been popular among lesbians since the 1950s. It features short hair on the sides with slightly longer hair on top that can be styled into a pompadour or slicked back look. This style is great for those who want a low-maintenance look without sacrificing any of their edginess or attitude.

Undercut Stud Cut

The undercut stud cut is one of the most popular lesbian haircuts right now, and it’s easy to see why – it’s edgy yet stylish at the same time! This style involves shaving or buzzing down the sides close to the scalp while leaving longer hair on top which can then be styled into an array of different looks such as spikes, waves, or curls.

This versatile style works well with all face shapes and is perfect for those who want an ultra-modern look without compromising their femininity.

Pixie Cuts

The classic pixie cut has been popular among lesbians for decades, and it continues to be one of the most timeless styles in 2024. This style involves a short crop at the back with longer layers on top that can be styled in multiple ways depending on your preference.

If you need more volume or length, add bangs or let them grow out into a shaggy bob instead.

Longer Locks

Femmes who want to keep their long locks should consider layered hairstyles with bangs or curtains that frame their face nicely. To add texture and movement, try adding subtle balayage highlights throughout or trying out beachy waves with curling tongs or a straightener.

Alternatively, sleek ponytails are also perfect for making long hair look chic and polished while still allowing you some much-needed freedom from styling each day.

Modern Mohawk Cut


For those looking for something truly unique, why not try out a modern mohawk? This daring style involves shaving both sides of your head completely bald while leaving long hair in the middle which can then be styled into an eye-catching mohawk shape. This statement cut will definitely turn heads wherever you go!

Bold Colors

For those who want to stand out even more in 2024, consider going bold with vibrant colors like red, pink or purple hues throughout your tresses. Not only will this create an eye-catching look, but it will also give you the opportunity to express yourself through your hair without fear of judgement from others around you.

These daring hues may fade over time, so make sure you use color-safe products when washing and conditioning!


If you’re looking for something that combines both punk rock attitude with feminine flair then fauxhawks are perfect! This style features longer hair on top which is then styled into spikes or waves while keeping the sides shorter – giving you all the benefits of a mohawk without having to shave your head completely bald!

You can also add color or accessories such as beads or clips if desired – making this style totally customizable according to your own personal taste!

The Punk Rock Mullet


Last but certainly not least is the punk rock mullet – one of the most iconic looks of all time! This look features short sides with long hair on top styled into spikes or mohawks at the front before tapering off into long locks at the back.

It’s perfect for those who want an edgy yet playful style that won’t take too much time to maintain each day. You can also add color or texture if you want to make it even bolder!


No matter which lesbian haircut you choose in 2024, always remember that confidence is key! Take some time to experiment with different styles until you find one that makes you feel beautiful both inside and out – after all no one knows what looks best on you better than yourself!