When it comes to providing adequate toilet facilities for guests at your event, nothing beats portable toilets. Apart from providing your guests with the privacy and convenience they need to use the bathroom, one other benefit that portable toilets provide is cost-effectiveness. Keep reading to learn how hiring portable toilets for your events can help you stay on budget.

No Issues With the Law

Usually, there are state and local laws that specify the number of on-site toilets required for each type of event, and non-compliance with these laws may attract heavy fines or lead to your event being shut down. If your event’s location doesn’t have enough toilets on site, hiring portable toilets is the best way to ensure that all legal requirements are being met. By hiring portable toilets, you are eliminating the likelihood of having to pay fines that you didn’t budget for.

Installing New Toilets is Expensive


Building a new traditional toilet block is not only time-consuming but expensive, so it doesn’t really make a lot of sense to waste money on them- especially when there is another option that helps you stay on budget. Portable sanitation rentals in Dallas can provide your guests with the same type of facilities as traditional toilets, at much cheaper costs.

Less Water and Energy Bills

With traditional restrooms, electrical wiring and mass amounts of water are requirements that can very quickly rack up your energy and water bills. Thankfully this is not something you have to worry about with portable toilets.

Portable toilets use up a very little amount of water. They instead rely on large tanks and sanitation chemicals to effectively dispose of waste.

Sanitation Services

With standard toilets, you will need to hire a sanitation service to ensure that the toilets remain clean for your guests. This can add up to quite the sum if your event is a long one. However, with most good portable toilet rental companies like Southern Loo Hire, the cleaning and maintenance of the portable toilets will usually be included in your rental fee. The rental company will send people over to clean the toilets and you won’t have to worry about spending any extra money on maintenance.

Access to Available Areas

Most of the time, the venues that have been developed to provide an adequate number of toilet facilities for large gatherings (stadiums, event centers) are usually very expensive to rent out. So if you’re on a budget, portable toilets provide you with less expensive options. For example, you could opt for hosting your event on an open field instead of paying a premium price for a fancy event center.



Regardless of the type of event you’re hosting, (a wedding, music festival, family reunion, or even a corporate event), portable toilets can be your solution for providing your guests with top-tier convenience and comfort. The fact that you won’t even have to go over your budget to achieve this level of comfort, makes portable toilets an even more attractive option.