Traveling during leisure time is the most exciting part of life. However, losing the car keys can make this not a great time anymore, filled with dread and confusion. Misplacing or losing things by accident is more common than intended to be. People often find it challenging to remember when it happened.

Avoiding the above situation might not be possible. But, lost car keys can be easily replaced with the help of car dealerships or a locksmith available at the time. For convenient solutions for lost car keys, get a trustworthy online service for the best experience.

Is It Possible To Replace The Car Keys?

But first and foremost, is it possible to replace the car keys? In short, the answer is yes. It will not be the exact copy of the original ignition key. But it is certainly possible to replace car keys if they are lost due to theft or by accident.

Things To Do When Car Keys Are Lost While Traveling


Losing things can trouble vacation time, without a doubt. Therefore, here are some ways to ensure new keys will be replaced soon and with no further inconvenience and hindrance during the whole trip, ruining the fun time.

Try To Be Calm And Think of A Solution

If the impossible task is to avoid losing personal items, maybe that’s not true. Because losing items is one thing. But keeping cool and calm after that is entirely another impossible thing to do at the time. Most humans react with fear to an unexpected and negative situation but finding an ultimate solution and acting on it is the essential thing to do.

Therefore, try to come up with an immediate solution for the problem. Call a local locksmith or seek the assistance of a car dealership. And lastly, who knows, perhaps it will even help to remember where the keys were kept last time and could be retrieved.

Search Again And Use Spare Keys If Necessary

After calming down, go through the path and the places again and search thoroughly. If there is luck, the keys might resurface on their own. If no such situation happens, then try to use the spare keys.

During traveling, people might keep the spare keys back in their homes. Therefore, this is not always the solution. But by any chance, if the spare keys are available during the trip, it will save the day for the time being.

Decide Whom To Seek For Help


It is prominent to decide whether a locksmith should be approached or a car dealership. Most car dealerships do not provide services at odd times. The best option here is to search for a local locksmith and see if anyone is available for help.

They can fix the issue quickly and help the car return to the road, making the trip continue without hassle. Locksmiths also prefer a rate that is affordable compared to dealerships.

There are also online services that provide 24 hours services and have experienced locksmiths who are excellent in what they do. So, go for a quick and easy option.

Get The Best Services For Replacing The Keys

After giving it some time for research and background checks of the service you seek, it is advisable to decide on a solution. Ensure that the service is not a scam but well established with appropriate customer ratings and reviews.

Replacing the keys will only solve the problem in a short span. Get the locksmith to change the car lock so that there won’t be a theft happening in the future. Replacing keys will be covered under insurance coverage. Hence, filing an insurance claim will also benefit the overall situation.

Why Is Informing The Car Insurance Company Necessary?


Losing the key might be a reason for the theft. If this is a doubtful reason, it is best to inform the insurance company about the whole ordeal. It is better to be prepared and take preventive measures than to be sorry later. The car insurance company will help to receive insurance claims and cover the expenses for replacing the lost key.

The claim will come under the policy provided by the insurance company. The prices will include the keys’ replacement and the locksmith’s cost. It will also help to facilitate the need for any new functions or devices for security purposes. All of these expenses will be covered under insurance coverage.

What To Do When There Are No Spare Keys?

This is important to consider because, as mentioned earlier, spare keys might not always be available while traveling. So often, this step will be of no use. The best thing to do is to follow the options of calling a locksmith or a dealership after pushing the car to a safe place. Without keys, the chances of the car getting stolen are immense.

Hence, immediate action should be taken to avoid such challenging situations. This is especially crucial for people who own expensive and luxury cars. The locksmiths can replace the key and further decode the old system.

In this way, any details regarding the old key will vanish. And this will secure the car for the rest of the vacation. Provide the locksmith with all the essential information needed for the service and change the keys as quickly as possible.



Losing car keys while traveling can be a frustrating experience for everyone. It will be unexpecting and a panicky moment. However, remember that there is a solution to this issue, so there is no need to worry. Take proper time to recheck everywhere once again and if nothing works, then go for a locksmith immediately.

Several online services provide professional and qualified locksmiths. They will ensure that the car key is replaced and take care of factors like adding a new alarm system and other services. Get the best services today for a genuine and high-quality experience with the locksmiths for replacing car keys.