Are you aware that whiteboards have been available since the mid-1900s? Most people back then were not even aware because it was not seriously considered then. The simple reason for this was that it lacked convenience. This is because the markers used on them were not easily erasable.

The narrative changed in the mid-1970s and whiteboards have been seriously considered ever since then. We are talking about its common use in workplaces, educational centers, sports meetings, as notice boards, and for several other uses. If you would like to know more about the history of whiteboards (also called dry-erase boards), you can visit:

The more exciting thing is that people do not have to settle for regular whiteboards. They can get custom dry-erase boards. However, they all have to be properly maintained. This article will share some proven maintenance tips to make sure of this.

How to Properly Maintain Your Custom Dry Erase Board


Proper maintenance of your dry-erase board ensures that it remains in the right state for a long time. You get value for money spent purchasing it and other benefits with proper maintenance. In light of this, here are some proven tips to ensure that yours is properly maintained:

Right Choice of Cleaning Supplies

Surface and deep cleaning are required for the maintenance of your custom or even regular dry-erase board. However, the choice of cleaning supplies used is very important. As a result, you have to make the right choice.

For instance, cleaning supplies made using harsh chemicals can damage the whiteboard’s surface areas. This is by causing discoloration and a couple of other unwanted effects. So, you have to be very selective when it comes to getting and using whiteboard cleaning supplies.

There are special cleaning solutions for this purpose. However, you can also make do with homemade cleaning solutions. This would only require water, a cleaning cloth, and dish soap. However, make sure the dish soap is made using mild chemicals.

The choice of cleaning cloth is equally important. This is why you should only use something that has a non-abrasive feel on the whiteboard’s surface.

Cloths with abrasive and rough surfaces can scratch the whiteboard’s surface. So, they should not be used on your custom dry-erase board. Microfiber cloths are a great option for this reason.

Stick to Regular and Deep Cleaning Routines


Regular cleaning simply requires wiping the surface of dry erase boards with the right kind of cleaning cloth. There are also special eraser products made for this purpose. You can as well use them.

Regular cleaning should be done daily. Doing so will give you less work to do when it is time for deep cleaning.

The latter requires the use of soapy moisture from a cleaning solution. The soapy solution will be used to clean any residue marks or stains from the whiteboard. You should end the process by drying the board with a clean non-abrasive cloth.

Avoid the Use of Sharp Object

Anything that is a sharp object should not be used on the board. This is to avoid dents and scratches that sharp objects can leave behind. It is much easier to deal with stains than dents and scratches. So, you should avoid the use of sharp objects on the custom dry-erase board.

Proper Storage of Accessories


You should not only be concerned about having your dry-erase board in proper condition. The same goes for the accessories that would be used on the whiteboard. This includes the eraser and markers.

Ensure that they are properly stored. This is because their state will impact the dry-erase board. One of the ways to properly store these items is to keep them away from extreme temperatures.

Also, only accessories in the right condition should be used. For instance, an eraser that is worn out should be replaced rather than managed. All these will contribute to prolonging the whiteboard’s lifespan and avoiding damage.

Use the Right Marker

These dry-erase boards are designed for erasable markers. So, steer clear of permanent markers as it is hard to erase the marks they leave. If a permanent marker is used for whatever reason, it should be cleaned off the right way.

This would require the use of specially-designed products. There is also a homemade solution for this that requires the use of alcohol. It is also possible to avoid the use of alcohol. You can read this article for more details about this.



Avoiding the use of sharp objects, using the right markers, proper storage of accessories, using the right supplies, and periodic cleaning are required for properly maintaining your custom dry-erase board. So, you need to be committed to doing all of these to keep your dry-erase board in the right state.

It is equally important that you get a high-quality custom dry-erase board. This is because the maintenance of high-quality products is aa lot easier and feasible. So, take care to get your custom dry-erase board from the right source.