We advanced so much as a society that today, modern life has modern solutions for modern problems, but also the old ones. Losing hair is definitely the old one, as it has been our problem for almost as long as we are on this planet, and even though there are many treatments and ways to treat it, there has been a simple solution for it for centuries now. Yes, it’s wigs, as the most common and most suitable way to feel as you once felt.

There are many myths about hair loss and going bald, but, in most cases, they are just that, myths, and in reality, there are many reasons for that, and genetics being the most prominent one. But let’s put that aside, as we are not here to talk about that, but to showcase how wearing a wig is perfectly normal, and to show that one shouldn’t feel ashamed because of it, far from it, as the only important thing is that you are satisfied with how you look and how you feel.

Now, with that said, we can dedicate our attention to the task at hand. Namely, what troubles so many is whether wearing the wig is noticeable or not and if there are any solutions for this problem. Well, firstly, if the wig is of great quality, then you have nothing to worry about, as no one, and we really mean no one, will be able to notice the difference. Secondly, if someone is still uncertain on whether it looks natural or not, you would be more than glad to know that there are some things that one can do to enhance wig appearance and make it look more natural, so let’s check them out.



Wigs can also get split ends after wearing them for some time, just like regular human hair, and, we can all agree, that never looks nice. Split ends can sometimes be fixed pretty simply with balsam or conditioner when it comes to regular hair, but when it comes to wigs, the only solution is usually trimming. Many think that it only applies to those made of synthetic, while the ones made of human hair can be easily fixed even without trimming, but it is not true since no matter the type of wig, you can trim them. You can do it at home, but for those afraid to do that or without experience, there is always an option to visit a hairdressing salon and get a new haircut. Keep in mind that even after cutting the split ends, they will appear again after a while, and you will need to get a new haircut again. Look at that as an option to change the hairstyle and to feel like the wig is your regular hair, and in that way, you will enjoy visiting the hairdressers regularly because you will get a fresh new look every time.



Since they do not have a connection to the scalp and natural moisturizing, it is necessary to treat them regularly to avoid dryness and a lifeless look. It is important to use products made for conditioning after every wash, and luckily, there are many of them on the market. These products will moisturize the wig hair and make it look fresh and vivid instead of dry and unnatural. Deep conditioning will make the wig look like the real hair, and it will extend its life since, without the proper care, it cannot last long. Choosing the best hair care product for the wig can be difficult because there are too many of them, so the best solution is to go with the one made by some reputable brand.

Regular washing


It is not necessary to wash a wig after every use, and it is enough to do that once every two weeks to avoid hair-tearing. Proper washing implies soaking it into the cool water, putting the shampoo on, rinse it, and let it dry naturally. The best way to put the shampoo on the whole wig is to use a wide-tooth comb since it will also untangle the knots and make the wig ready for use right after drying, which is the best to be done on the mannequin head to avoid losing shape.

Finding the right size


They come in many different sizes, and it is necessary to know which size fits you to get the best one matching your head, as it is the only way for the wig to look natural. Wearing a too big or too small one will make you uncomfortable, and besides that, it will always look unnatural. Because of that, it is necessary to measure the head size to be sure that you will buy a wig that will perfectly fit. If someone is not sure how to do that, ask for help in the store, and they will be more than happy to help.

Know when it is time to buy the new one


Like everything other, wigs cannot last forever, and it is necessary to replace them after some time. Proper care can extend their life for a while, but it is necessary to know when it is time to buy the new one. Human hair wigs last longer, and it is necessary to change them after a year, which can extend to up to three with proper care. The synthetic ones need to be changed more often, and their lifespan is about half a year.

The bottom line

As you can see, there are many things to do to make the wig look more natural, and just like for regular hair, if taken good care of, the wigs will look much better. Of course, the best solution is always to get one of high quality, and if you know where to look, you will get both, the highest quality wig and at the best price, as there are some reliable companies with vast experience in wig designing and making with tens of thousands of satisfied customers. For those who want more info on that, and get the best offer, check here and find the one that suits you the most.