Have you heard the expression “Sex can kill?” or “Can a relationship be killed by sex?” No matter what your sex experience has been, it’s safe to assume you’ve probably pondered why people started saying such things in the first place. While sex is a crucial part of connections and may influence how good they are, it can also be deadly if it becomes dysfunctional. When it comes to this aspect of your relationship, you should be honest with your spouse about how you feel.

If your partner is unaware of your sexual preferences and you do not disclose them to him/her, you are playing a risky game. It may be simpler to make your spouse miss you if you make a conscious effort to let them know what you want in bed. You may do certain things to make your spouse miss you that will perhaps assist in the long term. So, if you want to know the best way to make your hookup miss you, you don’t need to utilize websites for hook up; simply read this post.

1. Talk About Your Sexual Needs with Your Partner

When it comes to sexual demands and how you want to be touched in bed, it may be necessary to discuss these issues with your hookup. This allows you to mutually convey your sexual wants and wishes. This may assist your companion in comprehending your demands and needs. If you don’t feel like you’re getting enough physical attention, it’s likely that you’re not communicating your feelings with your spouse in a healthy way. Make sure you’re being honest with your spouse about your wants and desires if you want to make your partner miss you in the long run. Make sure you discuss your needs and desires with your spouse in an open and honest manner so that you can meet each other’s needs in a meaningful way.

2. Be Proactive When It Comes to Your Needs and Desires


While it is vital to be upfront with your partner about your wants and aspirations, it is equally critical that you do your best to satisfy these desires yourself. Be proactive in your sexual activities. This may entail visiting your neighborhood sex shop and discussing your desires in bed with the employees. You’ll be able to enjoy your sexual encounter while also making your lover miss you.

3. Make Your Partner Come to You

To make a hookup miss you, you may need to show that you are the focus of their attention and desires. If you wish to achieve this, you may attempt a few different approaches. One method is to utilize your own arousal talents to draw their attention to you. Toys and props are just a few of the instruments you might use to entice your hookup to come to you. If you’re not familiar with these techniques, it could be a good idea to learn how to utilize them to convince your soulmate to come to you in the bedroom.

4. Take Responsibility for Your Own Sexual Desires and Necessities

When it comes to sex, you should be the one in charge of how your sexual desires and needs are met. You’ll be able to take charge in the long term if you’re the one in command of how your sexual wants and desires are met. In this manner, you may indulge all of your sexual desires while also making your lover miss you. By maintaining control, you may create a one-of-a-kind sexual encounter.

5. Talk About Your Feelings in Bed


It’s critical to express your sexual sentiments in order to make your hookup miss you. If you don’t discuss your feelings with your spouse, you won’t know whether or not you’re having a good time. Make sure you can express your emotions to your partner in order to enjoy the sexual encounter in a way that is relevant to you. It’s always crucial to express these emotions in a way that will benefit you in the long term.

6. Be Romantic with Your Hookup

If you want to make your hookup miss you, you must demonstrate what you truly desire, which should be romantic. When your lover approaches you, attempt to give them a kiss, a massage, or anything similar. They enjoy being touched in a really romantic manner. It should be romantic, as if it were the first date.

7. Be Open to Your Lover

You must be open to your spouse in order to make them miss you. You must be able to ask your spouse for what you desire. Being upfront shows your hookup how much you appreciate what he or she does for you. It’s an excellent method to make them feel appreciated.

8. Be Passionate about Your Sex Partner


You should strive to act organically. You must be enthusiastic if you want to be touched by your lover. And passion entails feeling what you want and making your partner feel what you want. You should keep in mind that your spouse may be overconfident, and they may try something new if you don’t seem to feel the same way.

Be enthusiastic because it is your natural reaction. You don’t have to force yourself to feel or act, since passion implies experiencing what you genuinely want and trying to give them what they desire. You must keep in mind that everyone has a unique sense of touch. So you must try to make them feel what you want by using their own touch style.

9. Create Сompetition

The fact that there is a rival causes concern for anyone. Pretend that you liked, for example, one of the clients of your company, and so much so that he even insisted on taking you home (but you, of course, were not happy with such a boyfriend).

As if by chance, tell your lover what the opponent is superior to (he is taller, richer, or has an excellent sense of humor). You should not go into details – being jealous, he will think up the missing facts himself. At the same time, when the partner realizes that he has a strong competitor, he:

  • Remember why he chose you;
  • He will notice your qualities that he has long ceased to appreciate;
  • Afraid that you might leave;
  • Realize that you are not something taken for granted;
  • Wants to outperform the competition.

In this way, you can easily cause jealousy in a partner, especially in a man at a distance. Representatives of the stronger sex, by their nature, are prone to rivalry. Therefore, having learned that a competitor has appeared, the beloved will certainly want to become better than him. At the same time, some begin to pay more attention to their woman, others try to assert their financial positions – it all depends on the man. For each person, this situation can cause different behaviors.

10. Give Your Partner More Freedom


Women tend to control their partners. Many people call or write to a man several times a day in order to find out how things are going and what he is doing. Try to stop pestering him with questions. As soon as such activity stops, he will notice that something has changed. This will most likely arouse genuine interest, he will find out what or whom you are paying attention to instead of him. Thus, he will definitely get bored and will begin to do everything to meet you sooner.


You learned about 10 excellent strategies in this review. So, by following these suggestions, you will most likely make your spouse miss you in the long term. Furthermore, because sex is so crucial in relationships, it will help you enhance your sexual life. But it’s also critical, to be honest, and transparent with your partner about your wants and needs.