Matthew Paige Damon was given birth to in the year 1970 October 8th and has been involved with filmmaking, acting and also as a philanthropist throughout his career. Matthew Damon is a very popular figure and together with Ben Affleck, they wrote the screenplay of the 1997 movie “Good Will Hunting” which later won the Academy Award.

Matthew starred in the movie and in recent times he has been regarded among the top 40 grossing actors ever. Forbes Magazine reckons him as the most bankable star of all.

His versatility in the Hollywood industry, commercial success and personal height reached has seen his stock raised. One of the most popular movies which gave him high recognition was the “Bourne Series”.

His role as Jason Bourne still remains as one of his most high performance movies. He has starred in several other movies such as: The Martian, The Departed, Ocean’s Trilogy and many others.

Matthew Damon height


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  • Hollywood Walk of Fame in the year 2007

Aside from his acting career, the actor has also been involved with “Voice over work” and has been at the helm of much other production company rising in recent times. He has also been involved in other charitable works such as: H2O Africa Foundation,, ONE Campaign and many others.


  • In the year 2007, the peoples Magazine name him the sexiest man alive
  • In the year 2007, on the Hollywood walk of fame he received a star
  • He was once a smoker but his involvement with the hypnotist in Los Angeles changed it
  • He has been a supporter of the Democratic Party for a long time
  • He always adjust to the whatever role he is given to play
  • During his teen age, he danced severally just to earn money at the center of Harvard Square

Matthew Damon Age and Nationality

Birth Name

  • Matthew Paige Damon


  • Paige, Matt

Date of birth

  • 1970 October 8th


  • Libra

Place of Birth

  • Cambridge, Massachusetts (United State)


  • United State of America

How Tall Is Matthew Damon – Matthew Damon Height, Weight, Age and Full Body Measurement

Matthew Damon weight

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Body Build Type

  • Athlete

Height Measurement

  • 178 cm

Weight Measurement

  • 84 kg

Shoe Measurement

  • Size 11 (USA)

Hair color

  • Light Brown

Eye Tint

  • Blue


  • Straight


  • Kent Teller Damon (Father)
  • Nancy Carlsson Paige (Mother)


  • White


  • Roman Catholic


  • Actor, producer, voice actor and screen writer


  • Luciana Barroso (Married. 2005)