Certain things in our society have always been looked on in a special way. However, that is not always a positive thing and more often than not it is actually more along the lines of controversy and taboos. No matter how much we advance as species and how modern we think we are finally becoming, a few things will always remain difficult to talk about or even understand. One such taboo topic revolves around using escort services.

Hiring professionals to act and behave like partners is hardly a new profession. In one way or the other, it has been widely present in different civilizations for thousands of years. Whether it is perceived as immoral and unnecessary or not, it is still a very popular industry and a job not everyone is ready to do. In the modern day and age, numerous variations on the job of an escort have appeared. Although prostitution and sexual services are still largely illegal around the world, more and more similar professions are not.

Due to such circumstances, people tend to identify all of these services as one and the same which does nothing but create misconceptions about escorts. In order to help you better understand this industry and bring it closer to the general public, this article will attempt to uncover the most common and widely spread misconceptions people have about escort services. Keep reading to find out more about this industry. If you are further interested and would like to book an escort for an upcoming event, make sure to check out ScarletAmour.

1. Escort Services Imply Prostitution


It is probably obvious, but the most widely spread and untrue misconception about escort workers is that they are all prostitutes. People believe that if somebody hires an escort, they are surely going to engage in some sort of sexual activity because that is what they do and who they are. It is true that there is a grey area somewhere in there as well as that many escorts also work as prostitutes. There are even those who openly advertise as such both online and offline, where it is allowed and legal.

However, if the client does not particularly ask about or for sexual services, the escort is in no obligation to perform them. The term ‘escort’ is pretty self-explanatory. It is a person who accompanies (escorts) you to a certain public event. Most of their hires revolve around single people bringing them to social events because they do not want to be the only single people there.

2. Escort Workers Have STDs and Poor Hygiene


This is another misconception that stems from the belief that escort services are actually another word for prostitution. It needs serious debunking because it is first of all outright offensive and disrespectful. While similar things could be said for the olden days when general hygiene and diseases were a far greater problem in the world, modern escort workers are anything but diseased ridden, and dirty.

They are actually among the cleanest and most pampered people out there simply because their job demands it. They go to regular beauty treatments and use the finest of products to treat their skin, hair, nails, and everything else. An escort worker needs to look attractive and beautiful if they are to have clients. This is why they invest a lot of their earnings into staying young, looking good, and being as healthy and clean as they can.

3. Escort Clients and Hopeless in Love


There is a common understanding and stereotype that only those who cannot find a boyfriend or a girlfriend hire the services of escorts. This is simply not true. First of all, not everyone wants to be in a serious relationship. Secondly, there are people who prefer changing partners frequently and having short yet passionate flings instead of committing to one person.

If they ever need a date for a social event and happen to be single at that time, their only logical choice is to hire an escort worker. There is nothing hopeless about them nor are they losers if they see an escort from time to time. Every man enjoys the company of beautiful women so hiring one for a no strings attached evening, be it with or without intimacy at the end of the night, is not a sign that the person cannot otherwise find a date.

4. Escort Clients Are Less Desirable


This is somewhat true but only because people view escorts as prostitutes most of the time. Those who hire escorts are often thought of less desirable by other women, which is something that does not make much sense. It can be argued that people who change half a dozen partners per year, or even more, have a higher chance of coming across a sexually transmitted disease. Also, they tend to be viewed as more outgoing, less serious, and lacking commitment.

Women dislike guys who date around and sleep with anyone they can. Escort clients sleep with less women than average people who barely choose whom they date. There is far less chance however for a woman, or a man, to find somebody who enjoys escorts more desirable than somebody who pursues multiple partners at once and continuously. Remember that there is nothing wrong with people who employ the services of escorts, or even sex workers.

5. Escorts Are Willing to Do Anything


Lastly, we need to mention a very derogatory misconception that claims escorts are willing to do basically anything for money. This cannot be further from the truth as they are people like everyone else. They have feelings and they hold themselves in high regard. If they are not comfortable with something, they will never do it despite the money a client puts on the table. Once a client reaches out to them, negotiations start that revolve around their expectations and wishes.

If the client wants something too explicit, the worker can refuse. Similarly, they are protected by their employers and have security that protects them if a client is being too aggressive or pushy. Money is not everything to them, and despite their line of work that is often thought of in a bad way, they are not willing to humiliate themselves and suffer or put up with things they dislike.