We are sure that it is not easy for you when looking for a suitable subcontractor. It takes some time to devote to research. This is especially difficult for those who have so far had no experience in looking for these experts. However, don’t let that scare you, because there is a way. One of them is to pay attention to everything that it is desirable for the subcontractor to have, but not only that. It is even more important to stay away from those who misrepresent themselves. This refers to companies that are not experienced, professional enough, etc. To recognize them in time, try to avoid the following common mistakes. We will give you tips to help you and don’t worry, we did our homework because we spoke to Dallas Nugent Canada before writing this article.

1. Security is not on your priority list

You have to take security very seriously. It is necessary in every workplace, especially when it comes to the construction industry. This is the place where accidents most often occur during works, such as severe injuries or damage to the project. If you have not taken this seriously enough there is a good chance that you will end up with high costs and disruptions to the project. Keep in mind that even very small accidents can lead to serious downtime and costs.

That’s why safety comes first, and so do the subcontractors you plan to work with. How is security ensured? Appropriate tools, wearable equipment, connected devices and similar things are solved. Employees must be sufficiently informed about this and trained to handle this equipment.

2. Skimp on quality


You must not question the quality. It is to blame for the frequent misunderstandings between the contractor and the customer during the repair. Although customers want to save by opting for cheaper material, this is the wrong approach. Only with an expert team will he be able to progress in the initial phase of works. He will succeed if they explain to him in detail why higher quality materials are a better option. For example, they will advise him on how he can save in other ways. So opt for a subcontractor that thinks the same.

3. Wrong questions

If you feel insecure about certain issues you feel are needed, don’t hesitate. Ask them as many questions as you need, because only then will you be able to determine that the experts are worth your time and money. It happens that people forget to ask some basic questions about experiences and similar things. Don’t forget that this is very important, because you will conclude how many similar projects he has worked with. The fact that it has been in the industry for a long time can bring you a lot of benefits, but also the opposite.

Maybe you are just talking to inexperienced people who do not meet the needs of the project at the moment. Don’t wait for them to mention it to you themselves, because it might not even happen. Ask them what their past experiences are and how they can help you with your current needs. If you are not satisfied with the answer, focus on the next candidate. With this approach, you will get what you are looking for very quickly, because their answers will reveal details such as reliability and skills.

4. Failing to do thorough research


In addition to work experience, it is important to have positive answers to many other questions. It is certainly communication, responsibility, etc. However, sometimes we can’t get everything from the answer. That’s why it’s best to start researching online. Check really what they are like in the eyes of former clients and only then will you know if they are worth your time and energy. Look for relevant recommendations and statements, be sure to read most of the reviews. Things are even easier today when you can take advantage of software made just for contractors and subcontractors. Learn more about one such software at

It would be good to ask a colleague to find out some additional information or get useful advice. If certain comments from former clients are not clear to you, feel free to ask them for more information. We are sure he will meet you. This way you will not regret missed opportunities or failed projects. Don’t be prejudiced when it comes to small businesses. They may not have many recommendations, but if their clients are satisfied, give them a chance.

5. Price is the only thing that matters to you

Of course, your budget should not suffer due to subscribing to subcontractors. However, this should not be the most important factor for you. There are much more important items that you need to consider, such as their experience and reputation. So think about your budget so you can set limits in advance, but don’t worry about it. Once you choose between several offers, you need to compare them so that the one with the highest quality wins.

It is wrong to sort them by price. To make it easier for you to choose, single out the benefits that are important to you and stick to it. This will make you choose according to your standards and simplify the process. Choosing only on the basis of price can very easily lead you to the wrong subcontractor, and thus put your project in danger.

6. Do not seek a license


The first thing you should ask from a potential associate is his license. Everything else comes after that, because if he doesn’t have a permit, you shouldn’t even cooperate with him. You need someone who has the skills, experience and is reliable. You can’t be so sure that he owns it all without permission. Maybe he just wants to take your money and do a bad job. So, check your licenses and insurance at the same time. That way you will know if they are able to work with you.


When you find an experienced subcontractor, you will simply know it, because he will have everything you need. This means that he will try to avoid all mistakes in the workplace. It will also eliminate problems in a smart way, remain proactive throughout the project and will easily identify pitfalls. He will know how to take all the necessary steps to ensure the budget and deadlines. To find all this in one subcontractor, you need to avoid the above mistakes.