There comes a point in the life of everyone who wants to make their living in the music industry where they must seriously think about moving to Los Angeles. Sure, there are plenty of cities in the US that have great music scenes, depending on what you’re into. Seattle, Nashville, Chicago, New York…there’s a long list and the pandemic has certainly levelled the playing field for artists who want to break out. But if you are serious about taking your act to the next level, then at a certain point you are going to have to go where there is both a thriving music scene and where there is an industry in place to take you to the next level.

However, everyone knows that it is not as easy as getting off the bus with a demo and a dream. Moving to a new city can be tough at the best of times. Moving to Los Angeles and trying to make it on your own? That is a step that countless people have tried, and where countless people have failed. You need to take the steps to give yourself the best possible chance of not only getting your music out there, but of surviving the city itself. Here are a few things that you need to know about moving to LA to get into the music biz.

Yes, You Probably Will Need A Car


Let’s start with a total stereotype about living in Los Angeles. Yes, you probably are going to need to get a car. The city is sprawling and huge, and although there is public transport, the city’s traffic is so notorious that you do not really want to be putting all your trust in a bus running on time. Los Angeles is tricky enough to navigate if you have your own car, which is one of the reasons why rideshare apps are so popular.

You May Also Need A Roommate

This will probably not be breaking news to anyone who has lived in a major city before, but the cost of apartments and houses in LA can be pretty steep. If you are moving here without a high-paid job in your back pocket, then you should seriously consider looking at house share options. Alternatively, if you are moving here with friends and/or bandmates, then look at getting a place together.

The Pandemic Is Still Here


We are sure that it will not have escaped your notice that things are looking bad now regarding COVID-19. The Delta variant has arrived, and it has led to a huge rise in cases across the country, and Los Angeles is no exception. At the time of writing, the city has still not decided whether proof of vaccination will be required to enter entertainment and leisure businesses. What does that mean for aspiring musicians? It means that you need to be aware that you cannot depend on live performances to boost awareness of your act. You are going to have to get proactive when it comes to getting your name out there. Having an active social media presence is going to be crucial and it is also going to be important to look at how other acts are going about their business.

This is also a great time for you to make sure that your music is in the best place possible. You are going to be competing with just as many people as you would normally, but everyone is going to be fighting twice as hard for what is available. Remember that you only get one shot at someone hearing your music for the first time, so take advantage of this time and take advantage of some of the city’s excellent recording studios. If you are looking for a Los Angeles mix recording studio, check out spaces to produce, edit or record. They are open 24/7 and you can use their community to get valuable feedback.

You Are Going To Need To Network

Networking is one of those things that comes easier to some people than it does to others. However, if you are going to succeed in Los Angeles, you are going to have to figure out how you can not only get your name out there but get talking to people who can help you. There is a fantastic community of artists and creatives out here and there is nothing better than finding your people.

It might take a bit of time, and it might take a bit of perseverance, but the important thing to remember is that you shouldn’t be afraid about reaching out to another act or a producer working in a similar area and introducing yourself. There are more than four million people living in Los Angeles. If you want to meet and connect with other musicians who are on your wavelength, you must get proactive.

Some Things Will Get Easier Once You Get Here


We are making Los Angeles sound like a tough place to live, but in all honesty, it is not that different to any other big, sprawling city. The best way to demonstrate that is that you will get used to the above points once you get here. You will start to get your head around the way traffic works here and which freeways are best to avoid at certain times of day. You will learn the best places to go for certain things and you will figure out how to move closer to them if you need to.

It is also worth noting that if you are looking for a job in LA in addition to looking for a way to break into the music industry, then you really do need to be living here before you get started. Think about how many people are competing for these jobs, and then think about how many of those people are already here. Don’t give recruiters a reason to throw your resume in the trash because you don’t have a Los Angeles address at the top of it.