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The American rapper was given birth to in the year 1970 in the city of Louisiana (precisely New Orleans) with the real identity as Lawrence Tyler. He possesses a calculated net worth of about $ 3 million. He launched his first ever self-titled album in the year 1994 under the record label of Big Boy Records. Upon the death of his sibling (sister) he recorded five songs about the murder.

The rapper earlier in his career fell apart with fellow rappers such as Lil Wayne, U.N.L.V and B.G; however he and Lil Wayne have settled their differences in recent times and have also worked alongside each other. Mystikal was once signed under the record label of Jive Records where he launched “mind of mystical” in the year 1995. And in the year 1996 he was signed under the record label “No Limit Records” and launched the album “unpredictable and “Ghetto Fabulous” in the year 1997 and 1998 respectively.

In the turn of the millennium, Mystikal launched the album “Let’s Get Ready”. The album hit the billboard hot R&B and hip-hop singles as #1 for the singles “Danger” and also the hit “Shake Ya Ass”. The rapper has since then released other singles and also has 7 studio albums to his credit with the recent one released in the year 2014. Nevertheless the rapper was a Grammy award nominee for the best rap album and rap solo performance in the year 2003.

The rapper has had legal issues in the year 2004, after using forceful act in forcing his hair stylist in performing sexual acts. He was penalized with six years imprisonment for that act. Apart from that, he has also had legal issues towards his tax payment and also domestic abuse.

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mystikal net worth


  • American

Date of Birth

  • 22nd September 1970

Place of Birth

  • New Orleans, LA


  • 49


  • Rapper


  • 180 cm


  • 88Kg


  • Not Stated

mystikal career

Net Worth

  • $3 million

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