We are pretty sure that you are perfectly aware that online casinos are here to stay. They are so popular that real-life casinos are not as popular as they were until the emerge of the internet. This claim can be supported by the official statistics, which says that the number of players of online casinos is getting higher every day. With the increase in players, you can be sure that the prize pool gets bigger by the day.

However, it should be said that there weren’t so many different online casino tournaments you can take participate in until recently. Thankfully, you can choose between many different games. However, it should be said that poker and blackjack have the main spot. Surely, there are other tournaments in games like roulette and slots. In order to check some of these tournaments, take a look at BestUK Casino.

Naturally, the tournament is a competition where a lot of different players have the option to compete for some of the prizes. It goes without saying that the prize a player can win solely depends on the player’s performance and the ultimate ranking. At the same time, these tournaments have the task of providing some fun to their players and observers from all over the world. The reason is, most of these online casino tournaments are streamed or broadcasted.

What needs to be known is that these competitions are limited by time. At the same time, every player can have the right idea about the ranking since the table is present at all times. Now that you know all the most important element of online casino tournaments, you surely cannot help but have a question, what are the best online casino tournaments in the world. We are going to provide you with an answer to this question. Without further ado, let us take a look at those.

1. World Championship of Online Poker


WCOOP, or “World Championship of Online Poker” is a tournament that inspired a lot of people to create their own contests. Just by looking at its name you can see how big this competition is. You will be able to test your luck against some of the best players from all over the world. Plus, when you take a look at the prize pool, you will see why this is called a world championship. The guaranteed prize pool has $70 million.

Even though this is a competition heavily tied with real-life casinos, its online version has emerged in the last couple of years. What makes this one different from many others is that your players are testing their luck in many different poker games. This practice is not common for a vast majority of poker events. Naturally, when talking about the most features poker games in this tournament, we would say No-Limit Texas Hold’Em.

2. Turbo Series of Online Poker


Different from other poker tournaments we’ve presented you with on this list of ours, “Turbo Series of Online Poker” is hosted annually. So, you will not have a chance to participate in one of every weekend. This event started back in 2012, and it has managed to reach new heights, by attracting so many players every year. Every winter, to be precise. The event itself lasts for more than ten days, the reason being there is a really high number of players that are interested in participating in it.

Over time, its prize pool managed to reach heights that weren’t imagined at the beginning of this competition. Two years ago, the prize pool was estimated at $25 million, which was truly exceptional. Naturally, this prize pool is categorized and given to many different players based on their performance and the ultimate ranking. Surely, we are talking about one of the best and the most popular online casino tournaments you will stumble across.

3. BoVegas Slot Tournament


Now, we would like to talk about the best online slot tournament you will stumble across. We are talking about the event hosted by BoVegas online casino. Surely, if you are familiar with the best online casinos in the US, you certainly heard about this one. This is one of the most popular online casinos due to 98.21% payout. Now, since the slot is a much different game than poker, you need to be aware of certain formats when participating in one of these competitions.

The rarest, and often credited as the best format, is elimination format. This is a classical format that categorizes players in a couple of groups and then winners from each group advance to the next stage. Also, what should be said is that the elimination format is not as common in online competitions, as it is in real life casinos. The most common format in online casinos is a real money slot event that requires a certain amount of money to enter it.

4. The PokerStars Sunday Million


Whenever we are asked, what is the most popular online poker/casino tournament in the world, our answer would be “PokerStars Sunday Million”. But it should be said that the situation wasn’t like this until a couple of years ago. Now, we are talking about the most popular, and according to many, the most fruitful online casino tournament you can stumble across. Surely, you have seen one of these tournaments on TV, without a doubt.

Since this is a mini-tournament that’s hosted every Sunday, and it has a prize pool of more than $1 million, you can be sure that we are talking about a highly popular tournament. In 2024, the tournament celebrated its 14th birthday. Since it was established, back in 2006, this tournament has come a really long way. According to the official statistics, the first competition attracted more than 5,000 players. Now, this number reached more than five million over the years.

In Conclusion

Online casinos are a pretty hot topic nowadays. This is the reason so many of these casinos decided to provide us with a chance to participate in one of their many tournaments. So, if you are interested, check our article where we’ve named the best ones you can enroll.