Online casinos are everywhere. In most parts of the world, they’re completely legal. You simply can’t escape them. It’s not like we’re trying. Online-based establishments of this kind changed the way we see gambling and entertainment. Playing from home, everywhere, and anywhere is the great advantage a land-based casino can’t offer. After all internet and new technology changed all spheres of our lives and gambling is no different. We only need to embrace it for what it is. But, there are a few limitations even for web-based casinos.

Of course, as one would guess the biggest troublemaker that stands in the way of online casinos conquering the world are the United States of America. With strict regulatory laws regarding gambling and laws that differ from state to state, the US puts gamblers in quite a pinch. This is nothing new. America has some of the biggest land-based casinos in the world. Las Vegas and Atlantic City are seen as gambling institutions, and with the number of tribal casinos, the US has plenty to show for in the world of gambling and entertainment. But, not every state allows gambling, and only recently some bans were lifted. Yet, there are some parts of the US where you could get into trouble for gambling.

Considering that you’re reading this article we can already say that your interest lies in the state of Texas. One of the most peculiar US states was always an exception to many rules. When it comes to gambling it remains an almost standalone example of how things are handled. The land of Dallas Cowboys and Houston Texans doesn’t look too fond of gambling. Why are things like this and what developments we can expect? Let’s see.

Texas Online Gambling


Things can get big in Texas. Just look at Jerry Jones’s ego. The man will kill any chance the Cowboy has to reach the playoffs. While he’s not in charge of gambling, we can say that it’s already dead in the Lone Star State. We can’t say that there will be any developments regarding online gambling n this state. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking casinos or sports betting. When it comes to Texas they are very strict and they plan on remaining so. Let’s use another sports metaphor for this one. Online gambling might reach Texas and start operating from this state, but it would be unlikely as a play-in team winning an NBA ring. It won’t happen anytime soon, and if it does, it will be a great surprise. When you look at the history of this state it would be no wonder if they continue to hold out to development in this domain. But, this doesn’t mean you’re without options. In fact, as with everything in life, there’s a solution.

Is online gambling legal in Texas?

This is going to be a hard pill to swallow, but it needs to be said. No, the answer is no. Online gambling is not legal in the state of Texas. So, is there anything you can do? We’re not too prepared to go into specifics of this but this source can be helpful if your goal is to engage in playing casinos online from Texas. Yes, some things can be done, but you need to be careful. Many states in the US are anti-gambling. But, when it comes to this one, they take things quite further down the alley. We said it from the start, Texas is one peculiar state.

Texas stands firm as an anti-gambling state. They do not allow any online casinos to operate from their territory. We are talking about there being no slots, no blackjack, not any game imaginable, and to top it all there is no sports betting allowed.  The Lone Star State is very strict and unluckily they plan on remaining like that for the foreseeable future. When you look at things like that, the situation appears to be bleak. And if you’re in Texas and love homegrown products you won’t get any luck gambling due to their strict laws. But, isn’t there anything that can be done?

What Can You Do?


Of course, there’s always an option available to you. Texas might be your birthplace but you can leave for a more gambling-friendly state. If this is not the option, it’s not the end of the world. As we mentioned above, technology has come a long way. While no online casinos are operating from the state of Texas you can use the web to overcome this shortcoming. The internet is full of online-based casinos. There are plenty that operates far away from this state even offshore. Many of them are US-friendly due to the known limitations of American laws.

Yes, even playing offshore can be dangerous considering strict financial laws in the US, because you’ll be making deposits and withdrawing money. But, in essence, gambling from your home at an offshore website goes into the legal spheres of operations when it comes to this particular state. Of course, you could wait for Texas to legalize everything but that’s not going to happen, as we already pointed out. Of course, another option is to gamble only when you’re out of the state, but that has too many limitations as you can already imagine.

When we look at the direction in which the world, and particularly the domain of online gambling is going it doesn’t look too interesting to have Texas resisting. But, at the moment they do, and they’ll continue to do so.


Bottom Line

Texas doesn’t like gambling. Land-based or online based it doesn’t matter. The Lone Star State wants it out of its borders. That’s fine, but they should know that the internet knows no boundaries. While they do not allow web hosting for online casinos on their territory many establishments have found their way to the Texan people. They’ll continue to do so in the future, so all of you Texan gamblers rest assured. The entertainment is coming your way.